Welcome to Paranormal Eh?

Hello everyone , the idea for this came when I was interested in finding out information on different subjects in the paranormal. While looking up different topics I found that it was very difficult to find everything in one stop or i would find something and then find someone else had a totally different opinion on the same subject. I decided that it would be helpful to others to try and put as much of the information on each subject in one stop. That way people could look at topics from all the different point of views.
With the help of all the great people I have met in the paranormal I have been able to get the Facebook group as well as this site and now Paranormal Eh? Radio. So thank you to all of you that have helped me along the way.
I also put up strange news stories as well as put up information on horror movies and do a scary story of the week every week as well as a few other things you may find interesting such as music Monday and What the $&*#@# Wednesdays.
So please have fun and I hope you like Paranormal Eh?
– Terry Konig

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