Interview with Daniel Reiser Co Host of The Invisible World

Website: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theinvisibleworld

Me: How did you become interested in the paranormal?

Daniel: I grew up in a haunted house. In the house there were two different entities that made themselves present. An elderly lady , and the fedora , trench coat wearing man.. These entities were seen by many people over a series of 25 years, as well as at various times in the day.

Me: How did you meet Frank Todaro

Daniel: I have known Frank for over 20 years. He went to a high school that several of my friends went to.

Me: How did you end up co hosting The Invisible World?

Daniel: Frank asked. Prior to my co hosting of the show Frank asked me to do a guest spot once a month during the campfire show. And it just evolved from that. Well on top of that we have done house investigations together in the past, and the discussion of the paranormal have been a regular conversation between the two of us.

Me: What has been some of you most memorable moments on the show?

Daniel: I love the campfire episodes where we get to hear stories from our listeners.

Me: Is there a dream guest you would like to have on the show?

Daniel: Dan Aykroyd. First he is a Ghost Buster… Second he is also highly interested in the paranormal.

Me: What are your thoughts on Ghosts and UFO’s

Daniel: Do I think we are alone in either regard , No. I think that this Universe is far to large to suggest that we are the only ones living in it. I thin the UFO;s that are seen are a good mix of military air craft, and some could be observers from other worlds.
Regarding ghosts. Having grown up in a house in which unusual things were seen and experienced. I do think there is something beyond our understanding. Either ghosts are a recorded event, or a entity with an intelligence behind it , i do not know . But there is something out there.

Me: Which of the above do you think is more likely to be proven?

Daniel: Unless a UFO lands in central park , i dont think there is anything that can be proven at the time.

Me: What do you see in the future for the show?

Daniel: Great stories, great guests, and an overall great time!

Me: If you could pick only one of the 3 shows to watch forever what would it be? Doctor Who , Star Trek or Ghost Hunters?
Doctor Who ,

Daniel: What do you think the future holds for paranormal radio?
I think with many available on line stations out, there will only be a lot more of these types of programs where people share their thoughts on the unknown.


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