Interview with Darren Evans

Website: http://zozotheouijaspirit.blogspot.com/2009/12/true-story-regarding-encounter-with.html

Me: How did your interaction with ZOZO start?

Darren: It started in the early eighties on a strange double sided Ouija board.

Me: What do you think ZOZO is? (demon , ghost , ect)

Darren: I believe it to be a very powerful force, a consciousness if you will. It is my theory that it is an archetype found in our minds, much like “The Trickster,” or “The Shadow,” coined by Carl Jung. This would explain how so many people come into contact with it, with no prior knowledge as to it being in existence. I believe it was worshipped thousands of years ago, possibly from ancient bird cult worship.

Me: From talking to people who have studied demons they say demons do not normally give out their names.Do you find it strange that it strange that Z gave it’s name? Or do you think it is a fake name?

Darren: Excellent question, and one that remains unanswered. I do believe that Zozo is it’s name, however it could be an alternative name. They enjoy name tags, and although it isn’t common for them to announce themselves by name, an Exorcist demands to know their true names immediately going into a deliverance. The Z has a very fascinating history, and the O as well. When you combine these two letters, they have an interesting polarity.

Me: What is the most frightening thing that has happened since this started?

Darren: Well, I have had a lot of scary occurrences with this entity, but perhaps the scariest was when Zozo told me that it was going to possess a dog that was hanging around during the session. A complacent and normally non-aggressive dog suddenly transformed into a vicious, growling animal that tried to consume itself in front of everyone. The dog disappeared after I kicked it out of the house. We never saw it again, but could hear it howling on certain nights with a full moon in the forest property outside Jennings Oklahoma.

Me: Would you ever pick up the board again to contact him?

Darren: I have thought about it, but would be under the tightest security. It would have to be filmed, with all the latest technological gadgetries. With highly trained specialists in the paranormal fields to be on standby should something happen on a negative level. I get emails from people that claim Zozo has messages for me. I guess Mister Z knows I do not mess with spirit boards any longer. I do study the phenomena however, and other paranormal disturbances.

Me: I know it says on your group you are not responsible for anything that happens if people contact Z after reading what happened to you. Do you think that it is more important to get the word out about Z to help people who maybe dealing with the same things you did or do you ever wish that you had not introduced him to the people that read visit your site?

Darren: Another great question, I indeed struggled with my decision to go public with my experiences. But when I found out that many other people were also having run-ins with this entity via Ouija boards, I felt it necessary to begin serious research into the phenomena. While I realize people are going to use them for thrills, I feel a responsibility to warn people what can, and does happen when you mess with the unknown. Not all Ouija experiences are negative. My research is revealing that laws of intent are paramount when using them. Also laws of attraction are vital in understanding what can happen.

Me: With the Ouija Board movie coming out do you fear that with Hollywood sensationalizing it that more young people that do not really know what they are getting into will try the board?

Darren: Well, Hasbro is filming a very large budget Ouija movie, so my role in the Zozo film will be an important one. With the paranormal explosion found in media currently, more and more people will get on the Oracular Tablet. So from a timing standpoint, as more attention, and efforts are being placed on the Ouija phenomena, so too should be the efforts to warn the same people what can come as a result of these spirit boards.

Me: Have you ever tried EVP instead of the Ouija Board to contact Z and if so has he answered?

Darren: I used to have an analog recorder, and yes I picked up some strange sounds during the early sessions. The tapes, and the device were lost long ago. I send my evp’s to Stephen Lancaster, and I will reveal any evp’s that are not debunked if , and when the situation presents it’self.

Me: I remember hearing on Steven La Chances radio show that you and him had planned on doing something , what came of that?

Darren: I’m sorry, but I am not able to disclose that information. I will say that Steven and I are friends, and plan on working together in the future.

Me: Do you have any advice for people that wish to use the Ouija Board even after they have been warned of what could happen?

Darren: Be careful what you wish for. And use the correct methods, and intent. Most of all use them with respect for the unknown. I would not roll the dice, but if you do, be prepared


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