David Schrader

Interview with David Schrader

Me: How did you become interested in the paranormal?
David: I began having experiences as a kid and my Mom and Aunt were always reading scary books about real ghost stories so I started reading Hans Holzer, D. Scott Rogo and anything I could get my hands on. Just so interested in the idea of life continuing beyond this Earthly plane.Me: What is the most frightening thing you have seen or experience?David: Taking my 15 year old daughter Bra shopping…that scared the shit out of me.

Me: How did the radio show get started?

David: Pure luck, right place, right time and knew the right people. All thanks go to Tim Dennis one of my oldest and best friends. He got it off the ground and on radio for us.

Me: Who was the most interesting guest ?

David: Dan Aykroyd was one of my all time favorites.

Me: What has been the most out there thing you have had a guest talk about on the show?

David: Hmmmmmm, too many to mention. There is a lot of OUT THERE on our show. LOL.

Me: What is the best evp you have gotten ?

David I have an amazing EVP from the Rolling Hills location, as the owner was talking and telling us about the room we were in a female whispery voice talks over her and says, “Oh…They caught me!”

Me: Have you been back to the ranch were you mentioned seeing the creature?

David: Yes I have been there 3 times since. www.ECETI.org is the website. A truly amazing location.

Me: Have you ever ghost hunted in Canada?

David: Yes a few locations around Victoria. I loved it and hope to get back someday. So beautiful a country and rich in history.

Me: What topic would you like to write a book about in the paranormal that you have not covered?

David: I am actually working on a novel about Bigfoot and UFOs that kind of states my beliefs and experiences in a fun and entertaining way.

Me: I am about to be a dad for the first time, having kids your self any advice for people with familys who ghost hunt?

David: I would say hold off from engaging the kids with it until they are mature enough to understand it. Children shouldnt face the afterlife before they even know about THIS life. ;)


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