Me: What got you interested in the paranormal:Duncan: Grew up interested in everything paranormal and my dad was a big influence on me. My aunt had a haunted house when I was just a young child and unfortunately I never got to experience it. I have had feelings of a presence or being watched growing up and that led me into Ghost Hunting.

Me: What was the first investigation you went on:

Duncan: A old house in NS, I will never forget it. The energy in the house was unreal. I heard my first spirit communication with my own ears and recorded it on Digital Audio. Felt like you were being watched in pretty much in all areas of the house at night time.

Me: Why did you start your group:

Duncan: Wanted to start my own investigative team and also have people in my area come together to discuss and to keep up to date on the paranormal scene. And like everyone else in the field I want to experience all I can and find answers.

Me: What is a dream location that you would like to investigate:

Duncan: None really in particular.. the Shinning hotel would be awesome and the jail from extreme paranormal. If its haunted, I want to be there. End of Story.

Me: What is the best experience you have on a ghost hunt:

Duncan: I don’t know if I would call it enjoyable but a malicious entity tried to get in me and I ran out of air and felt like I was going to pass out. This all happened within a minute of being along in this one bedroom. The home owner fainted completely prior to this. Also hearing audible Huffs with your own ears right next to you was pretty amazing as well.


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