Me: Were you always interested in the paranormal and if so how did you get interested in it?

Christopher: Actually, the idea of the paranormal has always been an interest because of having my birthday on Halloween.  Growing up, I was faced with a lot of religious judgment because of the idea of being born on Halloween.  I grew up in a small town, which had a large religious community.  The local churches would host anti-Halloween parties, which discussed the evil intent behind Halloween and the doubts of the paranormal.  Because of the hypocrisies behind the religious judgments, I found myself attracted to the issues the church was against.
With that said, I have never been a paranormal researcher.  The idea of teaming up with Stephen David Lancaster II on “Shadowalker Radio” was not originally intended as it panned out.  Stephen and I have been good friends since 1997 and we lost touch when I went into the military.  About four or five years ago, Stephen and I reconnected through the use of social networking and have been in touch with one another since.  Back in July/August (2011), Stephen had asked me to be a call in guest on his paranormal show, “Shadowalker Radio”.  The format was designed as a reunion type show, with Stephen and I discussing the paranormal.  However, the show turned into Stephen and I sharing memories and antics from our past and becoming a comedy episode.  That episode became the highest rated show for “Shadowalker Radio” and caused the creative mind of Stephen David Lancaster II to come up with the idea of making me his permanent co-host.
Me: How did the idea for straight jacket society come about?

Christopher: The idea of Straight Jacket Society came about after Stephen David Lancaster II brought me on board as his co-host for “Shadowalker Radio” on PararockTV.com.  Because I knew very little about paranormal research, I informed Stephen that I was unsure about being a co-host for a show, which I had little-to-no knowledge about.  I knew how respected and recognized Stephen was in the paranormal community and I did not want him to lose any credibility because of my lack of knowledge or comedy sense.

After running different angles around in our heads, Stephen decided that because of the amount of time he puts into the paranormal, he preferred to do something different to give him a little break from the norm.  As a result, the Straight Jacket Society comedy show was born.

Me: What has been the craziest thing you have done on the show?

Christopher: Oh man, where do I begin?!  LOL!!  We have done so much, in so little time.  Um… I would have to say the back and forth battle with the two puppet versions of ourselves has required both Stephen and I to reach into our psychotic part of our brains.  I mean, we have had torture, suicide attempts, and fight skits with the puppets.  Now that I look back at it, I still wonder how my wife puts up with half of my shenanigans.  LOL!

Me: What does the future hold for the show?

Christopher: The future is limitless!  We have so much planned for show material.  It’s just when, where, and how we are going to inject the ideas is the true question.  I mean, we have our Face book page (www.facebook.com/thestraightjacketsociety) and our website (www.straightjacketsociety.com), which has helped us increase our audience base.  My future goal is to get the Straight Jacket Society on websites such as You tube and Roku.  Our face book page already has over 2,800 fans in just the few months it has been active, so expanding to the popular video streaming sites would only help us gain more recognition.

As for our network, PararockTV.com, has a lot of ideas for the new year.  Ideas that could introduce Straight Jacket Society to the Internet mainstream.  Because of the direction PararockTV is headed, Straight Jacket Society is lucky to be part of such an awesome network.  I mean, PararockTV has been so supportive and encouraging for the growth of Straight Jacket Society, making the future so bright and hopeful.

Me: Did you always want to be a show host?

Christopher: Absolutely!  Actually, back when Stephen and I first met, I was a radio show host at a local University.  My name at the time was Eion (Ian) Edge and I hosted an alternative/rock show called, “Nocturnal Emissions”.  It was the second show I hosted for that station and I had much success while being an on-air host/personality.

A few years ago, I attended and graduated from the Sheffield Institute of the Recording Arts (Baltimore, MD, USA).  I majored in Careers in Radio and Television.  I loved that school because it actually has an Internet radio station, which I was able to host on many occasions.  I believe the experience and refreshing knowledge I gained from Sheffield gave me the confidence to get back into the radio/video scene.  And that is something that I have always been interested in since I was a kid.

Me: How did you and stephen meet?

Christopher: Ha ha!  This is a great question!  Stephen and I met while working at a telemarketing corporation.  We both hated it!  LOL!  I worked in the records department and Stephen worked as a telephone representative.  During breaks, a lot of us would go outside to get a breath of fresh air and see a little sunlight.  Ha ha!  Stephen and I met by simply talking about music and how much our jobs sucked.  It was kind of like the stories you hear about how band members met before forming the band and hitting it big.

Me: What is the coolest thing to come from the show?
Christopher: Just being able to do what we do and create what we create without any limitations.  PararockTV lets us be as uncensored and unedited as we want to be.  This is cool for two guys who have mad respect for music, radio, and comedy.  I love being able to come up with an idea and then being able to watch it come to life exactly how Stephen and I planned it to be.  If we were to have a director telling us to tweak this or tweak that, I would probably lose interest very quickly.

Me: What is your all time favorite horror movie?

Christopher: Wow!  This is a tough one… hmmm… well, growing up I was a huge fan of the “Tall Man” from the Phantasm films.  Just the mix of fantasy and reality that was combined in the Phantasm movies always intrigued me.  However, I was also a fan of “Poltergeist” and the original “Exorcist” movies.

I also have to give a nod to the “SAW” series of movies.  The originality and twist of possible reality revolving around the creative ideas behind the “SAW” movies are great!  I mean, there are some sick and twisted people in the world that could actually think of doing some of this stuff!  Ha ha!

Me: What is your dream location to ghost hunt?

Christopher: I would have to say some sort of old penitentiary.  Either a mental institution or prison would be very interesting.  Maybe somewhere like Alcatraz would give a paranormal researcher some good evidence and excitement. I would want a lot of experts with me though.  Ha ha!

Me: What can we expect from your appearance on reviews from the shadows?

Christopher: Well, because I am more of a comedy type guy, I would have to say that you could expect a few laughs and a good time.  I’m the type of person that could have fun at an insurance seminar, so I am always up for experiencing something new and fresh!


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