Me: How did you get involved in the paranormal?

Erin: We each have our own personal reasons for delving into the paranormal, but one thing we all have in common is that it’s intrigued us since childhood. This common curiosity is what brought our team together.
As for why we started doing investigations… we noticed a common lack of objectivity in paranormal research and investigation. Many (whether intentionally or not) seem to investigate to try to prove or disprove a belief system. We aim to provide an objective alternative, first searching for potentially logical variables to determine if the reported activity can be explained naturally. As a rule, our personal beliefs are checked at the door, and we approach each case without prejudice. We focus on the documentation and data, and what it has to teach us.

Me: Have you ever investigated a place that scared you?

Erin: We do research and interviews prior to an investigation to prepare us for what type of activity we are looking for. We feel it’s important to always keep a calm and objective state of mind. Staying calm helps you to reason when searching for a natural cause, and to investigate further after an experience. We do log subjective/personal experiences, but that remains separate from the objective data. That’s not so say some of us have never been a little “creeped out” before, but we haven’t encountered a situation or location that has genuinely “scared” any of us…. yet.

Me: What is your dream location to ghost hunt?

Erin: The Belmont House / R. Wilmot Home located just outside Fredericton. This property was designated as a national historic site of Canada in 1975. We’ve been collecting stories and witness accounts about this location for over a year now.

Erin: What is your favorite paranormal TV show?

Erin: We enjoy watching paranormal TV shows for entertainment. If you play sports, you probably watch sports on TV too. These shows can offer great stories and mini history lessons, as well as the opportunity to peek inside some fascinating locations. We each have our favorites, but that is based more on the host personalities than their evidence or techniques. Because of how these shows are produced, and the suspect investigation techniques sometimes used, it’s important to take them in with a grain of salt. Some of us enjoy Steve and Tango’s dynamic, others enjoy Zak Bagans’ crazy antics.

Me: What is are your thoughts on EVP?

Erin: Collecting audio has become standard practice for paranormal investigation.. While there is a great deal of controversy surrounding EVP, we feel it’s important to leave no stone unturned, and collect as much data as we can, in as many ways possible. We focus on class A EVP, as anything less can be left to interpretation and could easily be a result of pareidolia.

One thing we have learned, is that it’s important to back up EVP with a second source, preferably video. By synching up multiple sources, it’s easier to debunk naturally occurring sounds. It also helps prove the audio in question wasn’t created by an investigator.

There are many skeptical hypotheses as to what creates an EVP, but until these hypotheses are tested and proven, we will continue to document any EVP findings.

Me: What are your thoughts on Demons?

Erin: The demonic is a touchy subject in paranormal research. We prefer to focus on the phenomena itself, rather than labeling it based on assumptions or specific belief systems.


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