Frank Todaro From The Invisible World

Interview with Frank Todaro From The Invisible World

Websites: What got you into the paranormal?Frank: Well like many kids from my generation, I was obsessed with the movie Ghostbusters. I remember as a kid holding up my cassette recorder to the television to tape the audio, which I would listen to over and over again (yeah, it was a different era). I’d say that was the spark that got me thinking about this stuff from an early age. Consequently for as far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the concept of aliens, UFOs, ghosts, cryptozoology, and would say that they all had to be connected somehow. That’s how the name of the show came about in the first place. The Invisible World is how I refer to all phenomenons that have no commonly held empirical truth, but are hard to deny the existence of.

Me: How did the radio show come about?

 Frank: I am a voice actor/actor by trade. I had a radio show when I was in college, basic music, band interview sort of deal. At the end of of 2009 I auditioned for “Eye on the Future,” a psychic call-in show which was looking to go in a new direction and possibly incorporate some paranormal news. I was cast as co-host and had a short 10 minute paranormal news segment. In the end, they decided that the segment did not fit with the feel of the program, but I was too excited about the prospect so I started my own show, with a new guest co-host every week, as well as the host of the first radio show, Jill on the line as the “in-house-paranormalist”. On the show we have had funeral directors, ghost hunters, philosophy professors, authors, it has really run the gamut, which is exactly what I set out to do int he first place. The point of the show in essence is to get people to admit they do not know something, and be comfortable with it. Be it the person that tells you that the light you see in the sky is NOT an alien, or the person swearing up and down that it is. The only truth is that these things are unidentified, whatever aspect of the paranormal you are talking about. Learn everything you can about everything, and then decide accordingly what makes the most sense for you. I have likened it to meeting some trendy fellow in a Williamsburg Brooklyn bar who drones on and on about his political beliefs that he actually just read of some other even trendier fellows blog. We want that guy to zip their mouths.

Me: What are your thoughts on aliens?

Frank: If they need a place to crash, my couch turns into a bed.

On the show, I remain objective as I can be. Personally however, I do have a hard time wrapping my head around how life on a distant planet would evolve into something so similar looking to us. We cannot get that sort of uniformity on our own planet, look at the lobster. I don’t deny the possibility, nor do I refute that people are seeing SOMEthing, however I would be hesitant to label them extra-terrestrials right off the bat, and broaden the confines of an assumed explanation for the phenomenon.

Me: Who is a dream guest for your show?

Frank: I would have to say Dan Akroyd. He is a comedian, writer, musician, UFOlogist, paranormal enthusiast and respected professional. I have great admiration for the man.

Me: What are your favorite paranormal tv shows?

Frank: I have not seen a tremendous amount as I am one of the five people left in the tri-state area that does not have cable, however I have seen the first few seasons of Ghost Hunters, and they were good, and Extreme Paranormal is a lot of fun. With so many paranormal investigation shows saturating the market these days, as well as present and past less-reality-based “paranormal” themed television shows such as The X-Files (which I was a HUGE fan of), this subject matter is really being brought to the forefront where in the past stories about this topic were mostly color pieces, or not heard of at all.

Me: What are your favorite paranormal radio shows?

Frank: Ghost Man and Demon Hunter show is refreshingly fun, informative and rational perspective on ghost investigations, Mysterious Universe is another primarily news based show from a fairly objective standpoint, and the Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold is another along the same vein.

 Me: What haunted location would you love to go to that you have not been?

Frank: Hawaii.

Me: What is your favorite horror movie?

 Frank: Event Horizon. Without giving too much away, I love the science behind it.

Me: The topic this week on my group is the real life story behind the Emily Rose movie , what are your thoughts on this case?

Frank: To be honest, I have always been torn about this one. In the same way that what we know today is drastically different than what we know tomorrow so far as the physical sciences are concerned, I am not completely convinced that this was not a case of misdiagnosis of an illness that we may or may soon identify. I can honestly answer that I have no answers.

Me: What haunted case would you most liked to have been apart of out of all the big ones through the years?

 Frank: Anything involving El Chupacabra.


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