Jeff Sylvia (ParaRock)

Interview with Jeff Sylvia (ParaRock)



Me: What got you interested in the paranormal?
Jeff: I have always been fascinated with life after death and what happens. When things started to happen in my own home, we had an investigation done and I was blown away by the EVP’s that were collected and played back in front of me. I am a “show me’ person so this is what first got me into it.Me: How did you get interested in Radio?
Jeff: I was asked to do a 2 hr interview on Shadow Talk Radio. At the conclusion the network asked me to do a show. I thought about it for a month or so, and the rest is history !Me: How did ParaRock come about?
Jeff: ParaRock came about out of necessity. I was really tired of the crap that other networks were pulling with numbers and support. It was smoke and mirrors. Plus we decided that we could lead instead of follow. It is our mission to be pioneers in WebCast Media, and I am blessed to be surrounded by a great team with a common goal, and NO egos.Me: What do you think is the most interesting thing to come out of the paranormal in the last few years?
Jeff: The thing that impresses me is the continued expansion into experiments and techniques in investigations.Me: What do you think of the paranormal Tv shows today?
Jeff: I think the “shows” are for entertainment ONLY! Anyone who buys into them being scientific or factual, doesnt really understand how television really works.Me: What paranormal radio shows do you listen to?
Jeff: I love the Yancey’s Encounters Radio Series !! Always been a big fan of Tim and Trish!! Also PZTV is awesome with a live streaming format of investigations…NO edititng, in your face, as real as it gets ghosthunting.Me: What is your favorite horror movie?
Jeff: Candy Man, a big Tony Todd fan.Me: Who in the Paranormal is the most fun to work with?
Jeff: My wife Shannon Sylvia of course, i get to sleep with her too.Me: What does the future hold for ParaRock?
Jeff: The sky is the limit! ParaRock is set to re-define how people watch and listen to media with the latest in equipment, software, and programming. We are positioned to go anywhere and do anything we want to either in the studio or on location. Its fun to be a part of.Me: Do you think there will be any major break threw in the paranormal in 2011?
Jeff: Depends if people stop trying to be on TV so bad, and get back to the roots of the research. I always try to be positive.

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