ME: How did you become interested in the paranormal?


KRIS: The paranormal is something I have always had an interest in from              a very young age. I had several experiences growing up before getting involved with GH or GHI and so did my family. However the thing that interested me most came from my love of genealogy. I loved history and learning about the people involved, so the idea that history could still be alive in a location in some way really interested me.


ME: How does GHI differ from Ghost Hunters?


KRIS: The biggest and most obvious differences are the international locations. Having had the opportunity to work with both I can honestly say a lot of the locations in the United States just can’t compare to those overseas. It was amazing to me to be at an old castle (a real one, not an oversized mansion you’d find in the States that people like to call a castle) and to ask when it was built having the owner answer matter of factly “1190.” It’s amazing to me to be able to walk through buildings that were built long before our country even existed.

Outside of the locations, we also like to take a few different approaches. One of which is being open to the possibility that there may be people who can sense paranormal activity. To be in this field and to ignore that area of the paranormal altogether seems strange to us. Being a skeptic, in no way would I consider what someone is “picking up” as evidence but – like the rest of my team – I am interested in using our equipment to see how the body reacts during paranormal experiences.


ME: Do you like investigating private homes or historical places more?


To be honest, I love investigating historical places way more then private homes. I have always had a love for history and for studying historical events and the people involved.

To actually be able to investigate places like World War I trenches or castles and old forts while also learning about the people who walked the halls of those places, is what makes me love my job most. The idea that the past could still be “alive” in some way, and that we are also helping keep it alive in some way, is exciting.


ME: Has anything ever followed you home from an investigation?


We have always had small strange things happening in my house. Ever since I’ve had this job, though, my parents like to blame me for bringing things home! I’m lucky they love me!


ME: You have been on Destination Truth-what other shows would you like to make an appearance on?


One show I would love to take part in some how is “Face Off” on SyFy. Growing up I was big into art and Halloween. When the holiday rolled around I would work for weeks on my costumes. When they were done, no one in school would know who the hell I was or even if I was a male or female. My mom raised this girl right! Halloween is about blood and guts and gore NOT fairy princesses!


Watching the show I was amazed by some of the costumes and makeup the artists would pull off. I would love to take part for an episode – even if it was just being a model for one of the contestants.


ME: Are you a believer in UFO’S?


I 100% believe in the possibility of UFOs and aliens – and the idea scares the living shit out of me. If ghosts are people who have passed, well, I deal with living people everyday. Aliens and UFOs, on the other hand, are beings not from this planet which we’ve no experience with.

I have never understood people who don’t believe in the possibility at all of life on another planet. If our science is correct, and the universe goes on forever – made up of billions of other galaxies and planets – how the hell can anyone be naive enough to think there is no possible chance of life on one of those billions of other planets?

One thing I do know: I won’t become an alien hunter any time soon, that’s for damn sure. Keep those damn little green guys the hell away from me!


ME: Is there a location you have not investigated that you would like to?

I would love to get a chance to investigate the catacombs in France. I have seen so many shows about the place and all these intricate patterns made of human bones and skulls. I can’t help but want to check it out.


ME: What scares you?

People scare me more than any ghost has up to this point. I have always been into watching and reading about true crime; the horrors people are capable of makes me not want to leave my house sometimes. People are unpredictable whereas paranormal experiences usually come with a build-up of activity. You’ll hear strange sounds, feel cold spots, etc. before something big might happen. In most cases, you’re almost given a chance to be ready for it.


ME: What is your all time favorite horror movie?

I have always been more of a thriller gal. I have never been big into blood and guts for the sake of blood and guts. There has to be a good story behind it, one that’s believable and can happen in real life. My favorite would have to be the movie “Seven.” Not only is this a good example of the type of horror movies I like but Kevin Spacey’s character plays a good example of why people scare me more than anything paranormal.


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