Interview with Steven A Lachance



Me: I have heard you story many times on the G&D show , Encounters and Ghostly Talk. It is really a incredible story. For my group members who may not have can you tell us about it.Steven: I moved into a house with my three children on May 18, 2001. Shortly after moving in things began to happen to my youngest son, progressively to the other two children, and ending with me. The last event happening while living there was it locked the three kids in a room and would not let me in to get to them. We moved out of the house, but it things did not stop. The nightmares continued on average for myself three to four times a week. The same nightmare for the most part. I went through every kind of testing you can imagine and they could fine nothing wrong. As a matter of fact, the one thing they did find was that I was afflicted with Sleep Apneia to an extent that I should not have even been dreaming. My behavior began to change. My kids were finding me standing staring into space in the middle of the night in catotonic states which is something that I just found out recently. Then the call came in 2004 and I ended going back into the house because children were living there once again and the family was being attacked this all escalated until Halloween of 2005 when the woman living in the house showed up at my door under possession with a gun behind her back to shoot me in the head.

That is a very brief, brief, description. You know the house use to scream? Sometimes a man. Sometimes a woman. Sometimes a child. That is why it is called The Screaming House.

Me: Do you regret ghost hunting your own haunt, or since you helped others who lived in that house would you do it again if you had the chance?

Steven: I would not suggest anyone do it. It’s very dangerous. I made some horrible mistakes and I admit them fully. I do it in the book for others to learn from. Something positive has to come from something negaitve. Right? I saved an entire family. I know I would do it again for that reason because no one else would listen to them. You know we never really talk about how bad the effects were on the kids and especially those kids. Let me just say it was horrible beyond anything you can imgaine. So for that reason alone I would do it again. Who would stand by and watch a child in pain.

Me: How did haunted survivor come about?

Steven: March 3, 2007 I believe is the exact date that Tim Yancey and I met at a convention. Can you tell I am good with dates? It s this weird thing. lol Tim and I had been internet friends up to this point. Tim and I saw a need for education about violent hauntings for the paranormal community and those that might be living through somehing of their own. Tim asked me to speak with him and John Zaffis to tell my story of the Screaming

House. Irornicaly, we were speaking for a memorial for George Lutz of Amityville. I cannot put into words the emotion and feelings of that day. We knew we had tapped into something. In that moment Haunted Survivor was born.

Me: What has been the most frightening thing you have seen since your own haunt?

Steven: What I consider frightening and what you might be two different things. I don’t Zombie Road during the filming of “Children Of The Grave” when the shadow people started coming out from behind the tree’s was pretty creepy. The Morse Mill Hotel in the middle of the night with just my son Elliot and my camerman Eric was a very frightening night. But above all those things would be the first exorcism that I participated in. I am telling you that it kept me awake for a little while. Listen, anyone that does this work is going to experience fear at one time or another. If they tell you they don’t they are either lying or they are not really doing this work. lol

Me: What are your thoughts on young people watching TV shows on the paranormal and ghost hunting with friends at local haunts vs them going out trying to be demon hunters with no idea what they are getting into.

Steven: Well hunting anything can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. I don’t care what you want to call it. There are some adults that should not be given keys to leave their houses either. lol Local haunts is fine, but when you start messing with lives of people trying to do something you have no clue about then that becomes dangerous. Then I would also have to blame the people that let a bunch of teens into their home to take care of their problem. I think it is funny that we spend more time getting references on our air conditioner repairmen than what we do on our paranormal help. Have a paranormal problem and we will let just about anyone into our home. As far as the under age kids go, it is the responsiblity of their parents to play the parental role. I raised my three on my own. I am not going to make the decisions for or raise theirs. I hope that does not sound too cold, but that is the way I feel. You see the thread of the idea of personal responsibility. Be responsible for who let into your house and be responsible for rasing your kids.

Me: What are your thoughts on UFO’s?

Steven: I think it would be pretty arrogant to think we are the only ones in this great big vast universe. We really need to get over ourselves. lol

Me: Do you think that people can be haunted instead of only the place they live?

Steven: Yes. Of course I also believe that those once touched by the spirit are always touched by the spirit. So, once haunted then generally alway haunted to some degree.

Me: Do you think Amityville is still haunted or is sitting dormant?

Steven: I think it is waiting for the right family. Once that happens it will start all over again. I feel sorry for the family that happens to because I think no one will believe them. It will be viewed as someone trying to make a quick buck. Would you believe them if it happened?

Me: Will your radio show ever be on iTunes?

Steven: I will be starting a new radio show. It might be with Dakot Lawrence. More information will be coming on that.

Me: What are your thoughts on demons and Ouija boards?

Steven: I did a three part radio series on this and it all boiled down to this. Ouija Boards Bad For Kids. That is it. Be responsible. Be prepared to handle what come out of a board and I don’t care what you do. Not all boards are bad. Would I do one? No.

Me: What scares you?

Steven: Becoming Oppressed again. The haunting starting over again. Somethng happening to my family. The kids going through something related to the haunting again. I think that fear is always going to be in the back of my mind like a soldier dreaming of the enemy. Wow, have to remember that line. Complete darkness scares me now. Why? because I know that the darknes moves.

Me: What is the best EVP you have gotten?

Steven: Some of those I could not share here. lol

I got a gunshot in the Lemp Mansion where one of the Lemps shot himself in the head. I though that was cool.

You know my favorite EVP’s have always been the ones that have responsed directly to me. The ones where I know they are talking to me interactively to something that I have said to them or ones where they indicate they see me. Those are the best. I have taught many people how to respectfully do these type of sessions and they always get results. These are the best and the ones that prove there is something there and you are not just picking up some wayward noise.



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