Interview with Shaun Burris (The Ghostman)


Me: Listene
rs of The Ghostman and Demon Hunter show like my self have heard you mention what got you into ghost hunting but for my group members who have not yet listened to the show can you please walk use threw what got you into the paranormal.

Shaun: What first turned me onto the paranormal was growing up in a haunted home. A lady had hung herself in our attic after her husband never returned from ww2, late at night her ghosts would come down the stairs and stare into my room and watch me as I lay in bed, she would whisper but I could never make out what she said, things would move around the house on their own and the voices would come from every dark corner of the house late at night. Another instance when I was 13 I snuck in the back of our families church and watched my father and a preacher perform a exorcist on a woman, now I don’t know if it was real or power of suggestion but it scared the stuffing outta me and to this day I cannot get the pictures from that night out of my mind. The pastor asked the demon inside the woman to tell its name the response was that of moans and unearthly groans that sounded like an older mans voice, her eyes rolling back in her head,speaking in tongues it was a frightening experience for me as it would be for anyone. And last my mother would sit with me on our front porch and tell me stories from long ago of spooks and specters that roamed the cornfields of Indiana, from then on I couldn’t get enough of the paranormal.
Me: What are your thoughts on the black eyed children sightings ? 

Shaun: Black eye children: I think this is a result of our perception, I know allot of the people Ive spoke with that have been eye witness to an apparition have almost always describe them as looking very normal like ever day people except for there black eyes. This could be a direct result of the energy we believe the entities use to manifest,maybe the energy only can design a picture of the larger mass/the body but lacks the ability to provide more subtle effects like the eyes. Then there is always “the eyes are the window to the soul” yet another question left to be answered.

Me: If we get new episodes of Extreme Paranormal this year what are the top ten places you would love to shoot at?

Shaun: With Extreme Paranormal I would love to visit the White House some of our nations greatest ghost stories come from that building. And I would really like to travel not so much to places but to people who are possessed are haunted, i would like to investigate cursed or haunted objects and study that aspect of the field. As far as places have Ghosts will travel!! LOL

Me: What was the most frightening case you have work on ?

Shaun: Most frightening case I believe Ive been on was one when i was just sitting in a old ladies kitchen doing a interview she was explaining to me how she knew her house was haunted and didn’t need me to tell her if it was or not . As the lady kept explaining the strange things that would happen around her home her dog started barking and growling wouldn’t stop, finally all of a sudden the dog whimpered and ran away as if he was scared of something unseen, as my recorder was running and the lady kept talking I notice a large vase in the middle of the table start shaking just alittle at first then more and more violent just as i started to get away from the table the vase lifted off the table and slammed against the wall missing the right side of my head by inches. After I returned home and reviewed my recordings I heard a mans voice say get the knife, get the knife then it said kill him and kill the dog. that case really got my attention.

Me: What advice would you give a person interested in ghost hunting?

Shaun: Advice for someone starting out as a ghost hunter I would tell them to get ready for long hours of boredom followed by moments of excitement and sheer terror!. I always say Ghost hunting can be as boring as watching paint dry or as exciting as driving a race car you never know what your in for. I started out with EVP in graveyards taking allot of pics of the old stones and the landscape and just walking and getting a feel for the dead. And most importantly remember nobody is an expert in this field and on the job training is the only way to get this stuff in your head.

Me: What scares the Ghostman?

Shaun: What scares the Ghostman , well allot I think ,fear as a ghost hunter keeps us on our toes,keeps us aware of what could happen. And to this day I still hate watching the Exorcist in the dark, green vomit and that nasty dark voice just gives me the heebie jeebies man.

Me: Who has been your most interesting guest on the Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show?

Shaun: Most interesting guest on the Ghost man and Demon hunter show that’s a hard one , I think every guest brings there own special ways to the table, ive learned so much in my time on the show just listening. I really enjoy the guest who have lived through haunting or have lost loved ones and started doing paranormal research because of that. I have found out in my years as co-host that the only way to get ahead in the field is paranormal unity everybody listening to everybody just taking the time to listen you learn so much.

Me: What is a shadow person? Also if you see one should you be worried?

Shaun: Ah yes Shadow people , well allot of people have claimed many things when it comes to this type haunting, Ive heard that there demons,there aliens, Ive heard it all. In my own personal opinion I think shadow people are just ghosts, entities perceived by us as shadow. the best theory I ever heard was that these beings appear black because the amount of energy (LIGHT) the absorb around them, i think that’s a good way to look at it , i don’t believe there is anything to worry about just because a shadow person is in a home , Ive never believe in putting classifications on ghosts especially when we cant even prove them scientifically yet. SO if you see a shadow person I believe its just a ghost as far as worrying about it ghosts are just people you have good ones and bad ones so always be careful.

Me: How did you get involved with Whispers Estate?

Shaun: My connection with Whispers Estate started when a good friend Jarrod Marshall was the owner of the house, he invited me down on Halloween night one year to check out the house, i never heard one thing the first time i was there I slept like a baby, but that would all change as i returned many times over the years. Jarrod would call crying over the phone about the activity and how it was becoming to much for him to take, the screams and laughing, and little girl singing in the night was truly amazing to me. There is so much more to the story of Whispers then just the voices , the smells and the house shaking and the things you would see you just have to check it out for yourselves. I am a skeptic/believer which means Ive seen to much to not believe but being skeptic on a case to case bases keeps you on your toes, am I gonna say I know whats happening at Whispers NO! because I don’t know but myself and others have and continue to see and feel and hear remarkable things at that place.

Me: Have you every seen a UFO? Also what do you think of the possible UFO sightings in Niagara Falls Canada?

Shaun: I don’t believe I have yet to see a real UFO, I do believe we are not alone in the universe when you think of how small we are in the grand scheme of things you would be a fool to think were the only ones. As for the sightings in Niagara I’m not sure , but I do believe that truth is stranger that fiction and someday we will find the answers ..

Thanks to you and all your readers for the chance to talk to you guys keep rockin! and Ill see you all in the shadows.


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