Interview with Nicole R Hall


Me: What was it that got you interested in the Paranormal?

Nicole: Like many who investigate the paranormal it goes back to my childhood.As a very small child, I lived in a home that was believed to be haunted. Although I do not remember much myself, my family is full of stories about unexplained footsteps, reoccurring dreams, and odd mechanical glitches that took place in our previous home. The experiences have continued throughout my life and has convinced me that there is more to death than long hallways and bright lights.As I grew older throughout my life I continued to have “odd” experiences and feelings in homes I have lived in and areas I’ve visited.Wanting to know more I read just about every book on paranormal activity and psychic abilities that I could get my hands on and it just grew from there.I feel that it’s not so much that I’ve choose to become a paranormal investigator but rather that this what I was meant to do.So many events in my life have lead me to where I am today as an investigator and researcher.It’s an amazing feeling to know that your doing exactly what you meant to do in life.

Me: How did CT SOUL SEEKERS come about?

Nicole: As I said earlier my interest in the paranormal has been life long.My fiance, Angel Ortiz has not always shared my same interest.Of course he would listen to my tales of things I have experienced growing up and in homes he and I lived in together as well,but he was always the “I have to see it to believe it” type.Unfortunately a few years back Angel’s mother passed away.This was the first time Angel had lost anyone so close to him and his first true experience with death.It was then that Angel truly began to question what really happens when we leave our physical bodies.He began asking more and more questions regarding death and the possibility of paranormal activity.He was like a man on a mission searching for answers to the unknown.he too, started reading the books and such I had collected over the years to arm himself with as much knowledge as he possibly could.It was from that point we began going to cemeteries etc… in an attempt to see what data we may be able to collect in an effort to mostly just prove to himself that there is more to death than we truly know.Of course I was totally on-board as this has been a big part of my life and was extremely happy that Angel was to a point where he was open to the possibilities of spiritual energies etc…I remember when we first started out we only had a voice recorder and a digital camera as time went on it just grew from there.Throughout that time period I think Angel was able to find some of the answers he had been looking for.His experiences truly made the loss of his mother not as painful as it once was.As we gained knowledge and experience we wanted to help other people who may be going through the same type of thing or experiencing unexplained activity in their homes or businesses.All these events lead to the formation of CT Soul Seekers.

Me: Who are the main members of your team and how did they come to join the group?

Nicole: Other than myself and Angel as founders of CT Soul Seekers we have just two other members, Marci and Steve Fernino.Marci and I have known each other since elementary school although at the time I never knew we had this shared interest or even of the abilities she was capable of.I was sorta more of the in your face type growing up and was pretty much known as the “weird ouija board girl” whereas Marci was a bit more shy and reserved about her abilities and interest in the paranormal.As with many people we grew up and apart started our own lives.Years later we reconnected through FaceBook and our shared interest.Marci had noted on FB what Angel & I were doing investigating the paranormal and trying to help others.We got together one night to catch up over a cup of coffee…which later turned into about 10 cups of coffee and the rest is pretty much history.Marci introduced us to Steve her husband shortly thereafter and we all just really hit it off and had amazing chemistry.Steve is a professional DJ and has vast knowledge of audio engineering,which is key when attempting EVP sessions.I think that although our group is small in numbers we all play very important roles in the group.Everyone steps up to the plate and does a bit of everything when we are investigating and researching for our clients.
As we began to grow and gain a respectable reputation in the paranormal community Steve took it a step further and founded Paranormal Research Groups. PRG is an alliance of like-minded paranormal groups who collaborate to investigate haunted places,real life ghost stories and unexplained phenomena.Members of PRG include CPEAR (CT Paranormal Encounters and Research) whom Angel and I met back in 2009 at one of their lectures and have since become very close with and SWAT Investigators who are located in the Northern Virginia area.Together we have collaborated on many investigations and public haunts.I’m proud to call these people my friends and we’ve all really become like one big paranormal family.

Me: What is the most frightening place you have been to?

Nicole: Hmmmm that’s a tough one.I don’t think I’ve ever been truly frightened in any of the homes or places we investigated.But definitely a bit unnerved at times.If I had to pick one I think I would say the case we did in Bridgeport,CT.It wasn’t so much the activity in the home that unnerved me but rather how the energies of the place made me feel.I’m an Empath and have always been but just over the past year or so I’ve really begun to understand it more and accept it.An empath, for those who may not know means I can feel others emotions both living and dead.Although for me it’s mostly with the dead.It’s not anything I can control as far as turning it on or off…it just kinda happens.At this particular residence I was filled with anger and hatred.It was one of the strongest feelings I think I have ever felt.It was geared towards my other teammates but especially Marci for some reason.I literally felt like I wanted to attack her for no apparent reason.It took quite a long time that night for me to regain control and subside these feelings.It’s hard to explain but the best way I guess is just an overwhelming feeling of emotions that you know are not your own.

Me: How can people contact CT SOUL SEEKERS ?

Nicole: To contact us you can either visit our website www.ctsoulseekers.comwhere you can fill out a contact form.Call us at 203-632-5214 or email us directly at can also contact us through our FB page,
You can also visit to learn more about us as well as our fellow groups CPEAR and SWAT Investigators.The site has direct links out to all the teams individual sites.

CT Paranormal Investigators and Researchers. Experiencing paranormal activity? 100% free service CT,MA,NJ,PA,NH,VT,Experienced Professionals dedicated to provide help and guidance to those who feel they are experiencing paranormal activity while we further our own knowledge in this field.CT Soul See

Me: What in the Paranormal interested you the most? (such as EVP ect)

Nicole: I think the thing that interests me the most would be the validation of an EVP when I’ve had clairaudient experiences.There has been numerous times on investigations when I’ve heard a voice that no one else has.I don’t really think it qualifies as a disembodied voice due to myself being the only one hearing it,although others are close in proximity.I always make sure I tag what I believe I’ve heard on the voice recorders for later review.What’s amazing to me is that upon review the same thing I heard is there and documented on audio.But again, this is nothing I can turn on or just happens.In fact recently Mike Mafera and Carrie Kerns who are the Co-Founders of
were over our house one night.Angel and I have had quite a bit of activity in our home.That being said we decided to run some EVP’s.At one point Carrie asked Angel to back up the recorder because she believed she had heard something.Remarkably enough upon review there was a voice saying”quiet” quite clearly.We were all sitting fairly close together yet no one heard the voice in real time other than Carrie.Things like that blow my mind everytime.It’s just a truly amazing experience.

CPEAR – Ct Paranormal Encounters And Research
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What is your dream location to ghost hunt?

I’d love to investigate the Ancient Ram Inn located in England.That would be pretty amazing.As for some local places in CT I would say Fairfield Hills and the Warner Theatre in Torrington CT.Of course there is a ton more but we’ll be here all day with me listing them all!!! LOL.One of my favorite places we have investigated so far is Houghton Mansion in North Adams MA.The place is gorgeous with some quite interesting activity attached to it.It is now used as a Masonic Lodge and home to Berkshire Paranormal.In fact they have been generous enough to allow Angel and I to be married in the Mansion this coming September which will be followed by and investigation.

Me: Do you have a favorite peace of evidence collected by CT SOUL SEEKERS?

Nicole: My favorite piece of evidence is a KII and Tri-field meter interaction that Chuck Feltman of CPEAR and I had while investigating together as PRG in PA.For roughly an hour Chuck and I received responses to our questions via the meters.What really made it interesting is that both meters gave the same responses to the questions being asked.I feel that more credibility was lent to the session being that the Tri-Field can filter out natural EMF.During the time I was also picking up on the emotions of an energy in the home which were also validated by the responses.It was a very powerful experience for me.

Me: What is your favorite Paranormal radio show?

Nicole: I have two favorite shows.The first is Paranormal SWAT Radio which is hosted by our fellow PRG members SWAT Investigators Roger,Wayde and Steve.Unfortunately due to time constraints they will only be airing on the last Monday of each month.
The other is G&D with Nathan and Shaun.I don’t get to listen as much as I’d like to due to my work schedule but I think they have a great show.I have not had the opportunity to personally talk with Shaun however Nathan has been of great help to my group lending his knowledge on cases such as the suspected Santeria case we had in Bridgeport , CT. Nathan is a great guy and always willing to lend a hand wherever he can.He was kind enough to invite my group to speak at his charity event which benefited the New Milford Masonic Lodge for much needed repairs,although at the time half our team was going to be away on a case in PA along with members of SWAT and CPEAR.PRG members CPEAR’s Mike and Carrie were able to step in and present at the event while Angel attended and also filmed the event,which was a huge success.I’ve been honored to be a guest on both Paranormal SWAT Radio and the G&D Show.

Me: Do you have any advice for people who want to join or start a group of their own?

Nicole: My best advice would be to start small and be willing to learn from those have been doing this for a number of years.You don’t have to start out with all the latest technology which can be quite costly.Start small,maybe a camera and a voice recorder and take it from there.Humble yourself enough to take the advice of those that may have more experience than yourself.There is no harm in asking for help or admitting your stumped.This is how you will learn and grow as an investigator as well as meet some wonderful people as we have in this field.I would also suggest to get some experience before staring your own team.Whether it be on your own or becoming part of another respectable team.This is important especially if you plan to go into peoples homes and try to help them.The clients will be looking to you for answers so it’s best that your as prepared as possible.No one person has all the answers,we’re all on this quest together and we should always be willing to help one another.After all we are all striving for a common goal.


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