Our Haunted Lives


Haunted Children

Haunted Children……Imaginary Friends or Something More? 

In My Opinion

Too many times children have sputtered the words “there’s a ghost in my room/under my bed/in my closet etc.” The sad reaction by adults more often than not is “there’s no such thing as ghosts” But how do we know? Just because we can’t see them does that mean they aren’t there? Most times the parent is telling their child this in the good faith of quelling their fears. But what if they really are seeing something? In my opinion that would create more fear. Imagine yourself as a child seeing something or someone you do not know or understand. Of course your first instinct would be to go to someone who can help i.e. mom and dad……but they tell you it’s not real. How scared and alone that must make a child feel. Not to mention feelings of not being “normal” because they see things others do not. Now I’m not saying that every time a child has an imaginary friend that it’s a spirit. I think it should be handled on a case by case basis. After all no one knows your child better than you.

As paranormal research has grown throughout the years we have learned that children typically seem to be more aware of paranormal phenomena. Now the reason for this can be debated. Some who are more religious based would say it is because they are pure of heart and do not understand the concept of sin. Others who take a more scientific approach would say it is due to the UV filter on the eye being only partially formed during adolescence. We have come up with many explanations through the years in an attempt to define why they see what our eyes cannot. Whatever the case it seems pretty clear that children seem to be more in tune with paranormal phenomena than most adults.

In my opinion whether you as a parent believe in ghosts or not is irrelevant at this point and your response is crucial. To dismiss the child’s disclosure will put them in between believing you and what they may be experiencing or seeing with their own eyes. As an investigator I’ve had people tell me numerous times that ghosts are not real. Yet many of these non believers go to church every Sunday and worship the Holy SPIRIT!

They say “you can’t prove ghosts exist” and their right! I

cannot give any concrete evidence that ghosts exist…..but they cannot give me concrete proof that they don’t.

So how can you dismiss what your child is telling you without proof?

Although many adults like to consider themselves as“open-minded we are the complete opposite. This is because we were“programmed” as children by our own parents. As much as we may not want to be like our parents,we are…they made us that way. For centuries we have been told ghosts don’t exist,stop talking to yourself. This kind of thinking by our own parents has closed our minds to anything that is not flesh and blood or solid as a rock. As children,we have no preconceived notions of what is supposed to be real and what is imaginary. We don’t even know what an imagination is! Now think about it…wouldn’t that make it extremely easy for a spirit to try and communicate with a child? So why not your child?

There has been a vast amount of documented cases where a child or baby has has been moved from one spot to another,or infants who have gained possession of toys that were no where near them. How many times have you watched a baby move it’s eyes around, almost like following someone and laugh for no apparent reason? Well maybe it’s nothing….or maybe it’s grandma come to visit. Can you prove it’s not?

Most fear is based on the unknown,so if your child is telling you they see a ghost chances are they are probably already a little scared. So what would be the harm in exploring the unknown together in order to extinguish the fear? By believing your child and giving value to what they are telling you will reap great rewards as your child grows. You will be building a trusting relationship with them and giving them the confidence to speak out on other important matters. Think about it… if someone shot down everything you said would you keep talking? Most likely you would grow to be a person who keeps their opinions and ideas to themselves for fear of rejection. As a parent I’m sure none of us want that for our children. I think of the credible psychics out there today and many have said their gift started in childhood. Most were either afraid to tell their parents or were not believed by them. I find that very sad. Think of where we may be today in paranormal research if only these people had been believed as children.

All I’m saying is that if your child is telling you this then the idea of a ghost is already implanted in their minds so listen to them! Be there as a guide and let them explore the possibilities. Teach your child the true meaning of being open minded and break the cycle of programming that has been instilled in you.


Nicole Ortiz

Connecticut Soul Seekers

Paranormal Investigations and Research Group


Stuck In The Box

Our Haunted Lives


Stuck in the Box

 As we all know the field of paranormal research is theory based. There is no proof positive. Therefore, in my opinion we should always do our best to be innovative and explore every avenue of possibility. However, after sitting back and doing some thinking I realized that thinking outside the box has been put on the back burner. We have become too reliant on our “devices” and continuously base opinions and conclusions on old theories without putting thought or effort into hypothesizing any new ones. If we continue on these paths it leaves us no room to advance our knowledge. While it is true we have found evidence to support some past theories I feel many of us have become to comfortable in our approach. We as a community of researchers should always be questioning the possibilities and pushing the envelope. This is why I firmly believe it is of absolute importance for groups/researchers to network with one another. Networking keeps us all on our toes and allows ample opportunity for growth amongst ourselves and as a whole regarding the paranormal research field.


But here lies the problem in my opinion…….Many groups/investigators keep to themselves because they fear their idea’s will be “stolen”.This goes back to our ego’s. Everyone has one including myself so let’s not go on the defensive to quickly. We are all worried that someone else is going to take credit for that all important discovery our idea’s may lead to. In turn we keep all these wonderful thoughts and idea’s to ourselves or only amongst our groups. Believe me, I UNDERSTAND! I know first hand how frustrating it can be when someone takes your idea’s,theories or words and try to pawn them off as their own. I was livid at the time but have since made peace with the situation. I look at it this way….If my intent is to truly support and aide in the advancement of this field then I MUST make my theories,idea’s and opinions public. Ego’s need to be checked at the door. Certainly in being so open we run the risk of poser’s taking credit for our hard work. But you also must remember those with such poor character and lack of morals to fraudulently pawn someone ease’s idea’s off as their own will without doubt pay karma back at some point. Karma is natures little way of saying you only THINK you got away with it. As far as adapting techniques others have developed I would hope credit will be given where it is due. In the event that it is not…. look at it as flattery and know that others are out there testing out your theories,therefore possibly moving a step closer to proof positive. My point is that if we really want to aide in the advancement of paranormal research we must all take a very selfless approach. It’s not about MY idea or YOURS…..it’s much bigger than that. We must not let our ego’s hold us back from sharing all our wonderful idea’s and thought’s with the community as a whole. I simply cannot stress enough the importance of networking with others in the field. Not only will you learn new things but you’ll also be inspiring others with your own techniques and approaches. Pay it forward, pass the knowledge and inspire others to think outside the box! If we continue to keep everything to ourselves and amongst only our own groups I fear we’ll be trap within the box and will go no further than where we are at now in the field. I think we can all agree we have much to learn, so why not learn from each other.

I know I can speak for both myself and Angel when I say that by reaching out and networking not only have we grown as investigators/researchers but we have made some amazing friends. These friends over time have become like family to us,that in itself is a gift. Of course, along the way we have met people who are in this field for purely selfish reasons. But we’ve also learned from those experiences and turned it into something positive. You may not always like or agree with what other peoples opinions or ideas are. Take what you like,what makes sense to you and leave the rest behind. Everyone you meet can provide a learning experience for you.


A friend of mine Chris Baricko,founder of Ghost Hunters of CT has been working on organizing a “paranormal picnic”. His intent is to invite investigators/researchers from Connecticut and our surrounding states to get together,have some good eats, share idea’s make some new friends and just have a day to enjoy and appreciate one another. I think this is a phenomenal idea and I’ve already given him my full support to make this a huge success. My hopes are that others will also take advantage of this opportunity and participate. For those who are not in our surrounding area and will be unable to attend I would encourage them to organize something similar in their own states and those nearby.


One person cannot do this alone. It has to be a group effort. Branch out,support others, share idea’s and techniques and let’s work together! Keeping everything to yourself will only keep you,your team and the field stagnant. Together we can find the answers we are all seeking.



Nicole Ortiz

CT Soul Seekers Paranormal Investigations


Our Haunted Lives

Fear the Ghost or the Investigator?



    Why do we investigate the paranormal? Where did it all begin? 

For many of us the answer would be because of events we have witnessed in our own lives. Things that we couldn’t explain or may have frightened us have sparked our curiosity enough to embark on this journey in search of answers. A good quantity of people think what we do is nonsense and a waste of time. To that I ask “what’s your hobby?” The responses may vary from building model cars and boats to knitting and scrap booking to which I reply “my hobby is helping people and increasing my awareness.” There’s really not much they can say after that. It would be as if telling a scientist not to experiment or a doctor to refrain from trying out new medicines or techniques. There can be no progress without research and experimentation.


    But what is an investigator/researcher really?Could we be categorized? Are some of us better or more qualified than others? With that in mind I decided to talk about some of the “types” of investigators I’ve encountered in the paranormal community.


    The first type I’d like to discuss is the genuine,inquisitive type. Those that after countless hours of research and experimentation have decided to reach out and try to help others who may be experiencing similar phenomena. Now does that mean we know it all? Of course not or there would be no reason to continue research. But for those who have put in the time and effort we have learned much along the way that may help others. Whether you have been in this field for three months or 30 years, we can all learn from one another even if only to move only tiny step closer to the truth.


    Some people who become investigators may have never had a paranormal experience. There are those whose interest has been sparked by the television shows and have been compelled to seek out an experience of their own. A myriad of these investigators will at some point also attempt to help others. Hopefully this would occur once they have acquired a deeper knowledge and not right off the bat. But it does happen that way as well. They see something on television and say “hey I can do that” without any type of knowledge or resources. Many seasoned investigators  have often referred to this type as “thrill seekers” or “cemetery jumpers” and take offense to this kind of investigator. They feel that these investigators are in it for “the wrong reasons”. But what are the wrong or right reasons? Please don’t mistake me. If you are one who is seeking the excitement of a paranormal experience alone,you should absolutely not be out there claiming to try and help other people in order to have that experience. If your only intentions are to have an “experience” and you have no desire to help others,then you should not be advertising yourself as such. There are many ways to experience the paranormal aside from helping private clients. I think that’s where those who have put their hearts and souls into this field feel indignant towards these investigators. BUT…if it’s that the shows ignited a desire to do this,learn more and expand your knowledge,then why not? If your intentions are good and pure then as far as I’m concerned whatever may have started your paranormal engine doesn’t matter. There is still so much to be studied in this field we can take all the help we can get from those with a sincere intentions.


    There is also another type of investigator that has it’s own category but can easily fall into the thrill seeker class. These “investigators” crave the paranormal celebrity title and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. They may sincerely have an interest in the paranormal but their intentions are to become noted in the paranormal ,entertainment and even local community at any cost. This type also includes the fake psychics,seers and channelers etc. They have little control in their own lives and play off other peoples emotions and fears. Some may have started out this way while others at one point may have been genuine in their investigative attempts. Either way, these are dangerous people. They say they want to help people when in actuality they are just looking for the next “big case” to get them on television. With this type there is no real interest in trying to help anyone except themselves. They will lie,cheat,fake and steal to accomplish the desired outcome. They have no issue attacking  and trashing other investigators/teams in an attempt to stir up drama and get themselves noticed. As they say in Hollywood “no publicity is bad publicity.”I say these types are dangerous because they spend more time attacking others and playing spin doctors than they do actually researching and expanding their knowledge. Unfortunately because they are so vile and outspoken publicly they do get noticed. It’s when those seeking help hear their names in crossing and reach out this type “investigator” looking for answers that it can become an explosive situation.


    Now I think I should clarify because I’m not insinuating that all investigators you may see on television are this type. I myself,do enjoy some of the shows and am pleased that they have aided in raising awareness of paranormal phenomena. My advice to those seeking help is to do some research of your own before choosing a group to try and assist you. Furthermore, I would advise those who are investigators to just be yourself,love what you do and do it to the best of your ability. Networking is another amazing way to get your name out there to those who may need your help. At the same time you should also research who you choose to network with. So many out there don’t take what we do seriously to begin with. With that in mind be careful who you choose to network with as their reputation can quickly become yours. In this field you will hastily learn that your reputation should be held in high regard and valued. It’s hard to gain and easily lost. Just be honest,hold true to your integrity and eventually you will get noticed and those seeking help will find you.


    Whether you’re a skeptic,believer,scientific,fraudulent,or middle of the road on the subject there is one sure thing. In the end we’ll all know the answers to the questions we have put forth.

 Nicole Ortiz


CT Soul Seekers




How many of you have ever been told that ouija boards are dangerous,evil and can open doors/portals to the other side? But what about a pendulum or attempting to conduct your own EVP session? Has anyone ever told you that they too may open doors? Doors that when opened we may never be able to close once the abyss of the unknown has been gazed upon. Why is one considered so evil while the others are not?

Now before everyone gets all fired up let me clarify. I personally do not recommend for anyone to go buy a ouija board or these other items and start trying to communicate with spirits. I believe that making use of any of the three can heighten our own level of awareness,which can lead to some very complicated and sometimes even dangerous situations.

I believe there are spirits around us always. As for portals and doorways ehhhh…I don’t know but I’m open to the possibilities. But here is what I do think…..I think that our acknowledgment of the spirits around us and then taking it a step further by making attempts to communicate with them is what makes it easier for them to interact with us,whether they be good or bad. Some see this as opening a doorway or portal but I believe in actuality we are allowing ourselves to open up to a higher level of awareness.

I personally do not think that ouija boards are evil or that they automatically allow darkness into our lives simply because we placed our hands upon the planchette. I would further add that at the same time I do not think the ouija should be taken lightly. It is only a game until our intentions come into play. You may not intend to make contact with an inhuman entity…but you DO have intentions on making communication with something you do not truly understand. Now you may be simply trying to contact good ole uncle Joe and end up with a not so friendly alternate. Either way YOU had the INTENTIONS….and someone or something chose to take you up on your offer. I honestly do not believe we have the option of only communicating with “good” spirits. After all, we are dealing with the unknown. Who is to say that the “spirit guide” you’ve been communicating with for the past ten years is not in fact something else…something dark waiting for that perfect moment of weakness to make it’s move. If we listen to past studies we are told that inhumans will wait months,weeks and even years before presenting itself for what it truly is..

My point is that just as with a ouija board,when you make use of pendulums or conduct EVP sessions you are saying….”It’s okay,come on in let’s talk” You open yourself to the unknown with intentions of communication and not only allow,

but welcome it’s presence.

Many of us in this field have heard numerous stories regarding detrimental experiences with ouija boards,and I do not doubt that there is some truth to them. But we must not forget that there has also been unfortunate circumstances when teams have conducted paranormal investigations. We go into places where claims have been made,take photographs,conduct EVP session,set up DVR’s and video…..all while attempting and intending on communication of some sort. Many investigators have found themselves leaving the site with a spirit attached to them,I myself have not been immune to this. Does it make what we do evil??? I don’t believe it does,nor do I believe that a ouija board brings nothing but negative attachments.

In my opinion ouija boards,pendulums and EVP’s differ in that they are merely different avenues of communication. I do not think any of the three I’ve spoken on bare more darker of a side than the others. I feel that any form of spirit communication can become dangerous if one does not possess knowledge of such things. Not that I’m saying any of us know it all,but I think we can all agree there are various levels of knowledge when it comes to the paranormal field. Obviously a well seasoned investigator will have more knowledge than your 13 year old neighbor trying it out for the first time…or at least I’d hope so. To put it very simply..If you seek, you WILL find…..or perhaps they may just find you. Just remember this is what you wanted…this is what you set your intentions on. You have to be prepared to deal with the consequences of your intentions. Not all experiences have to be bad,but there is always the possibility.


Nicole Ortiz

Co-Founder/Lead Investigator

CT Soul Seekers

Paranormal Investigations



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