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Reviews from the Shadows mini review – The Raven


So l went into this knowing about Poe , read some of his stuff and liked it. I am a big fan of John Cusack so this seemed like a win win. My wife got me the DVD for Christmas so I popped it in. 

To my shock this was an R rated flick which was nice to see I am sick of PG13. Even being R I did not see the axe scene coming. It was very Saw like , which don’t get me wrong rocked. I just did not see it coming figured they would cut away.

The story it’s self was good I like mysteries even more when they are not set in the time of cell phones and internet. Was it slow at times? yes and no being the area it was set in yes it came off slow at times but it did not hurt the movie. 

The idea of a writers stories being used in real murders has been done before and even better , but all and all they did a good job. The ending seems stupid to me at first until I Wiki’ed Poe and then it made more sense. (not giving it away)

We will cover this more when Reviews 2.0 starts in Feb but go check this movie out it is already in the discount box at certain stores and will be on HBO or TMN soon. Totally worth a watch. 

6 out of 10



It has been awhile since I watched these and decided to get my wife to watch them with me for her first time ever. I must say these movies hold up very well. Even with them being so old on Blueray they look just a little better and the story and acting are great. One does start off a little slow but man when it pulls the trigger BAM you are on a ride. Two is just plan the best movie I think out of them. Now number 3 so many people crap on it but after watching it again there are a few things that are meh like dude dating his cuz but other than that it is a decent movie , is it as good as 1&2 no does it suck ? Hell no.

Do your self a favour if you have seen them watch them again and get someone to experience it for the first time if you can. If you have no stop reading this and watch it and just enjoy the ride. Short review I know but I am not spoiling anything about this to good a series to do that , and this is called mini reviews.



Men In Black 3 By Frank Todaro

Alright, let’s “jump” right to it.  MIB3 is, in my opinion the best of
the franchise.  Yup, you read that right.  If you heard this month’s
“Reviews from the Shadows”, you are familiar with my fanboy gushing
love of that first film.  (I would also like to take a moment to
apologize for how harsh I was on that second one.  Yes Terry, it is
entertaining for some background viewing, but not much more than the
average sitcom.  Not really on a How I Met Your Mother or The Office
level, but more like an episode of Two And A Half Men or According to

The first movie was absolutely brilliant.  It was an origin story and
as such we basically ARE the main protagonist, Agent J, an idealized
bad-@ss beat cop that always has a perfect one-liner, who is being
introduced to this new world by a secondary protagonist, Agent K.   In
the end we are left well accustom to this universe of strangeness as
is indicated by that last scene  (I hate that last scene) where J is
now the alpha agent, making certain modifications to his uniform.
Those ARE supposed to be uniforms you know.  Whatever.

Then we have the second movie which was one pod-race away from being
completely unwatchable.  It did have some gems in it however, mostly
scenes that involve getting K back in action.  That is the only
purpose that movie serves.  If you have not seen it, watch that one
scene on YouTube and move along.

This third installment does what the second failed at and that is
giving us a good solid sci-fi storyline while focusing on character
development, all the while showing each character’s own individual
journey.   This is all done with a Douglas Adams-ish sense of humor,
and complexity of the most abstract episode of Doctor Who.  Without
giving actual plot elements away, the storyline is sharp and while
there are some minor discrepancies with some of the temporal
mechanics, such things are minor and definitely take a backseat to
character and plot.   One thing of note was how powerful the
soundtrack was, taking cues from the main theme of the original while
injecting some distinct changes, almost corrupting it at some points
while making it tragically beautiful at others.  You will see what I
mean when you ultimately see this movie after this glowing review, of
course.  (Also, I am pretty sure that a riff from “Final Fantasy 7” is
used over and over throughout the film.  Listen for that and let me
know if I am crazy)

Visually the film is a carnival, taking cues from the public view of
“aliens” and things of the like from the time period each scene takes
place in, not to mention some of the best 3D we have had in a few

All in all I would say this film was an overwhelming success.  If you
do not plan on seeing it in the theatres, you are missing out on quite
a ride, but the story itself is strong enough to make this a great
choice no matter the size of the screen you see it on.  Highly



Let me guess the first thing you are thinking is why are you not watching The Avengers? Well Laziness and I have to great kids to look after so at some point there will be an Avengers Review , Blueray or Theatre well that is to be seen.

Now onto Moneyball , I am not one of those have to see all the movies that are up for an Oscar guys so that is why I took so long to see this flick. I like baseball and some baseball flicks my all time favourite is “61*” starring Barry Pepper and Thomas Jane it is about the home run record race between Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle. Great movie check it out if you get a chance. Is Moneyball as good or better than 61*? No but it is a damn good movie.

The only issue I see with people maybe not liking this movie is it moves really slow and if you do not care about the behind the scenes of baseball then you may not dig this flick. Pit is great in this movie and Jonah Hill is actually likeable in this (sorry I just do not like the dudes movies). I am not going to spoil this one because it is very interesting movie and watching how things work and the way the real like people changed the game with a computer and some states which ended up leading to the Redsox breaking the curse is just a great watch. If you are looking for a fast moving flick don’t watch this if you are wanting to sit back and enjoy a story go rent this.



Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Ok in my opinion a lot of people wrote off Tom Cruise , but he went back to his franchise and when i heard it was coming I was not that into it. With everything being a sequel or a remake these days I was not in the mood for another. But I was relaxing with the wife and we decided to get it on VOD. I must say I was a little shocked it was not a bad movie. Would I run out and buy it on Blue Ray for 40 bucks ……….. no I would wait a few months and get it for 10 bucks in a discount bin like I did 1-3.

Things were missing like Ving Rhames and the actress that played his wife in number 3. They went through all that work to make us like the wife and Rhames has been in all of the movies as a major player so I thought they were missed and ***SPOILER*** making us think the wife was dead and turned out she was alive kinda cold and Rhames only being on screen for 3 minutes tops he deserves better.

The new characters were ok , I liked Jeremy Renner after seeing him in this I think he will do ok in the new Bourne movie. The new female agent all I can say is meh. I do not want to spoil to much of this since we will cover it on the show but good story decent movie and honestly if they make another I will go see it.




Quarantine 2

So If you have not seen the first Quarantine skip this review watch it and come back. If you have you remember last time we visited this American version of REC we were a found footage film with Dexters sister stuck in an apartment with a bunch of firemen.  So for part 2 are we found footage again? Nope this time it is just your run of the mill horror flick with a bunch of no name actors first stuck on a plane then the air port. All starts with a few sick people on an air plane and then a to fat to fly joke (a really big guy) wakes up and is a rage zombie or infected. The people on the plane take him down in an odd scene , reminded me of 911 kinda takes you right out of the movie for a minute.

As the plane is about to land the fat dude wakes and bytes off the Stewardess’s noise off and they make an emergency landing in Vegas , enter random air port worker dude who is now trapped with the poor people from the plane. We get a oh shit we are trapped here moment a few deaths the hole cops army ect outside the air port keeping them in and then we get some answers from part one there is a random dude on the plane that was the person who created the virus because he is anti government conspiracy guy and it is the only way. Throw in a few how did you get past security jokes and the final show down happens and the last survivor gets away. I will not spoil who dies and who lives.

I think if you are bord and want some horror to watch and you can see this for free ondemand or something check it out. It hurts without the found footage look (which I never thought I would say.) and is just the same old horror stuff but at times it is fun and you still want more answers about the virus and why 911 did not know everyone in town is keeping them in. But if you have to pay or have the chance to see REC watch the original.

5 out of 10



Final Destination 5

Yup that’s right another one , I will admit except for number 3 I love watching these movies. It is like Nightmare and Friday the 13th you go into it knowing it is going to have horrible acting but killers scenes. “SPOILERS A HEAD”. The big event in this one was a bridge claps kinda like Mothman. It was ok nothing special , has anything ever topped the event from number 2? Anyway the same crap happens the hole “WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN”!

I am not being lazy on this review but if you have seen any other FD movie you know what happens they live they talk they get picked off one by one. Ah but a new twist apparently in this on if you kill someone death will leave you alone because you gave it a life in return. People do this and it turns out to be total BS plot hole.

A big bright spot Tony Todd is back but only for maybe 10 mins of screen time , which sucks ass the dude is the best part of this movie and this is his 3rd one and they need to do one just about his character.



Ok I warned you. So the main people get on a plane so that the main guy (his name does not matter) can take a chief job in Paris , sound familiar ? Yup he sit all happy it is over and he looks and see some kids fighting and getting taken off the plane. He asks what is going on and the woman tells him the boy had a bad dream that the plane would crash. Scroll down to see a plane ticket from the plane in number 1 they take off the main characters bite it and the man who killed someone so that he could live has a peace of plan land on him as he drinks in a bar toasting the man he killed.

– Terry Konig

Review Red State

By Terry Konig

Kevin Smith makes a horror movie. Not going to lie being a fan off all of Smiths work this seemed odd to me. Then I saw the trailer it was a pretty killer trailer it got me excited about the movie.

I decided to rent it on On Demand and watched it with my wife who is also a Kevin Smith fan. At first when I saw the part with the guys going online to find a chick that will have sex with them I thought all the you would not think this is a Kevin Smith movie stuff was bs but then the movie takes a really dark turn which caught me off guard.

So ahead are spoilers stop here if you do not want that.

Ok so the guys find this women go to her trailer get drugged and then the movie has me even more drawn in. That is until the church scene I know listening to the Smodcast podcasts that Smith is high on Michael Parks but this scene took me right out of the movie it was just to long. But once the preaching is over the movie sucks me in again for a bit anyway.

To make this short and not ramble after the church scene we get not so much a horror movie but a suspense movie with the all but one boy dying and trying to get out we get out ect. It kind of went from a Kev Smith movie to a kidnapping movie to a PG 13 The Devils Rejects.

There are a few cool kill scenes and some unexpected ones which I will not spoil because they had me saying What the Fuck. Which the ending did as well with the horns going off I actually stopped and was like does he have the balls to do that ending? But then it turns out to be a prank with no real pay off at the end.

All and all it looked great , definitely did not feel like a Smith movie , it had some cool moments and I don’t think the actors that Smith raves about were that great they were all good actors and did a great job but they were not in the suspense or horror level of say Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs.

I would say this movie is good and if you are a Smith fan check it out but if you want to see what this movie could have been I would go rent The Devils Rejects. In closing do not get me wrong I am still a big Smith fan and will be sad if he retires after his next movie but this movie just did not kick as much ass as I hoped it would maybe it was the hype and hours of “SIR” i listen to at work but RedState gets 6 out of 10.


Bag of Bones Review

By Terry Konig

So when I heard this was coming i was happy and worried at the same time. I used to love the yearly Stephen King mini series when I was younger The Stand , IT, The Storm of the Century. To name a few. But what worried me was that lately hollywood just F*&*%^ things up.

But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when i watched this short mini series. james Bond I mean Pearce Brosnan who i thought was killer as always maybe a little to over the top at times but i think he added class to the movie.

I am writing this as a movie fan i am not going to compare to the book they are two separate things. As a movie i thought it looked great loved the feel of the movie. It was nice seeing the mother from the 2005 Amityville is still getting work lol. She was ok but it seemed like the same character as in a in Amityville.

Have to say speaking of things looking the same how about the cabin did you also think they used the same one as secret window? Anyway fro here on Spoilers.

Something that was shocking was the violence and the rap scene were just a little more than I thought I would see on a for a made for TV movie. That said kinda of gave it a HBO style feel to it.

To end I will say story was decent , it was filmed really good , no holding back on the violence , some times disturbing with a meh ending.

Hope you liked this mini review be sure to check out more longer in depth reviews on Reviews from the Shadows.




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