Me: My group is about the paranormal as well as horror movies , you have been a big part of horror for years now but have you ever had an experience with anything paranormal?


Robert: My wife and I lived in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ house in the Hollywood Hills that had a ghost that only our dog could see. We sometimes heard footsteps when no one was around but we watched our dog watch something move around.


Me: I have watched the new Nightmare on Elm Street and I must say as good as Jackie Earle Haley is as an actor I just could not get past the fact that he is not the Freddy I grew up with. Did they come to you at all to ask you if you would be Freddy in the new movie?


Robert: I was not asked but nor was I interesting in starring in the REMAKE. I already made that movie, you see. I am getting too old to wear the glove.


Me: As much as I wanted to see you and Kane Hodder in Freddy vs Jason I can not lie the guy who played Jason did a great job. However do you wish Kane Hodder was Jason in Freddy vs Jason?


Robert: Ultimately it was the director’s choice and he had a different vision for Jason based on a comic book he grew up with. I finally worked with Kane on HATCHET, WISHMASTER  and BEHIND THE MASK.


Me: Is there anything you would have changed or did not like about the original Nightmare movies?


Robert: I liked the darkness of the original. I think Freddy got a little too jokey in some of the movies. But that was the choice of the editors in some cases. I would give one scary and one funny take and they would choose the funny one.


Me: I know some movies like the Exorcist and Poltergeist have had cast and crew say they have had paranormal experiences after making them has anything strange ever happened while making the Nightmare movies?


Robert: One night I dozed off while in make-up. When an AD came to get me, in my just awakened stupor I caught sight of a horrible figure in the mirror and scared myself.


Me: I seen your episode of Bones I liked the character will you be on the show again?


Robert: It is possible. I had a great time and since the janitor is a character from Brennan’s past, there is a possibility he will be brought back.


Me: What upcoming projects do you have in the works?


Robert: I am currently working on STRIPPERS VERSUS WEREWOLVES. INKUBUS is set to come out soon and there is already talk of a sequel to that. I am in the new CALL OF DUTY game fighting zombies.


Me: Do you think you and Wes Craven will work together again?


Robert: I can only hope. No plans.


Me: What character in movie history would you have loved to play?


Robert: Peter Pan when I was a kid, the cook in FORBIDDEN PLANET and the Sailor in LAST DETAIL


Me: Is there a horror actor or director today that you have not worked with that you would like to work with?


Robert: I would like to work with Tobin Bell, Bill Mosley, Brian DePalma and John Carpenter


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