Interview with Ryan Michaels

Me: What drew you into the paranormal?

Ryan: Well, what drew me into the paranormal was when i was ten years old i started having psychic activity happening in my life. Since that age it has continued to grow and expand.

Me: I hear you are going to be on Psychic Kids? Can you tell us anything about the episode?

Ryan: Yes i am going to be on Psychic Kids in Nov actually Nov 28 at 10/9c I am not aloud saying anything about the show untill it airs i am sorry.

Me: How did you end up getting onto the show?

Ryan: I got on to the show by sending them a email about my abilities when they called they put me though a series of question and tasks to prove myself and i did good.

Me: Have you had a chance to go on any investigations?

Ryan: Yes i have been on investigations usually they are to peoples houses that hear of me and call and i also have been to a couple other places the main ones the knickerbocker hotel and the lost children of the alegenys.

Me: How was it working with Chip?

Ryan: I worked with Chris Fleming and he is an amazing teacher and help me alot with my abilities.

Me: What is the most frightning thing that has ever happened to you?

Ryan: A couple years ago i was harassed my a demonic spirit that bothered me but with the help of my spirit guide i got ride of him.

Me: What is your favorite Paranormal TV show?

Ryan: Psychic Kids and Psychic Investigators

Me: What is your favorite Paranormal radio show?

Ryan: I didnt no there was any can you tell me some channels please?

My favorite horror movie?
There are lots dont even know were to begin but Hearafter was an alsome show but it wasnt horror

Me: What is a Dream location to do an investigation at?

Ryan: Ammityville i would love to go to.


interview with Ryan Michaels
Me:What was your experience like being on Psychic Kids?
Ryan: Well, I would have to say that my experience on Psychic Kids was apsolutly amazing. There was nothing that I would change. I only could wish that more kids could have the same experience as I did. What they teach you and what they show you really does help and make a change in your life.
Me: Did you find that it helped you understand your gift?
Ryan: Yes, I do honestly think that the show helped me understand my gift alot more. Having abilities, I at least, Always have douted myself. Why? I don’t know. All I know is since the show I will never have to do that again. I understand why I have them and how I need to use them. Chris and Edy both did an awesome job at letting is to get to know ourselves and accept ourselves.
Me: What was it like helping with a missing persons case?
Ryan: Helping with a missing persons case, I at first was hesitent. The only reason why is because you never know what id going to come through. Also I have to worry about misinturpriting the infomation. After working on the case and getting to know Brian I shortly began to think that this is what I would like to use my abilities for. I enjoyed helping with the Sullivan case and just hope that the informatino that i have given makes since and can help in some way. I am still working on the case. The sullivans and myself still continue to keep in touch and are friends.
Me: I know sometimes peoples lives change after being on TV sometimes for the better and sometimes you have the people that try to bring you down. Did you experience either or both.
Ryan: That is a really good question Terry. Yes my life has changed since I have been on TV. Also, yes, it has changed for the better. Although not because of myself. People are the ones that are making my life change. I am somewhat embarassed when people come up to me and reconize me and start to talk. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy talking to people and answering questions and spreading my knowledge. I just dont feel like it should have changed because I was on TV, but I am ok with everything. All in all I really havn’t had many people try to bring me down. The mother of the premonition I had, retaliated and said some hurtfull things. Also there are always the religious people that attack as well. I have had both. I enjoy listening to why people don’t believe in Psychic’s and Paranormal experiences. What I dont like is people who tell you why they dont beleive by attacking you and being plan out ignorent.
Me: Do you know if you will be back on the show next season?
Ryan: Unfortunately, I am not sure if I am going to be on the show next season or not there is alot of talk that the show not getting good views because of the time and because of the series The Walking Dead. If you look on my facebook profile you will see a link to follow to vote so there is a next season. I will also give Terry the link to post on his Paranormal Eh? If there is a next season there might be a mentor coming on like they brought for this season. If they do that I have just as good as chance as everyone else. So I am not sure if I will be making an appearence on Psychic Kids again or not.
Me: Have you kept in touch with Nicole?
Ryan: Yes, me and Nicole keep in touch and talk alot. Not only do me and Nicole keep in touch but so does everyone that you saw on Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal – The Lost Soul.
Me: Have you heard anything new about the case you worked on like if they have located the missing person?
Ryan: No, I have not heard anything about the case I have worked on. The last thing I have heard is that because of the information that Nicole and I came up with they were going to re – invesigate both the Oil refinery and the woods. Before they got a chance to get everything prepared the weather broke and they were not able to do so. This might have changed and I just have not heard. If anything comes out of the invesigation or they decide to do anything different I will inform everyone if I am allowed to do so.
Me: What advice would you give other people trying to learn how to live with being psychic or seeing things before they happen?
Ryan: My advice that i would give to people trying to learn how to live with being Psychic or seeing things before they happen would be that do your best to understand yourselve and start to get knowledgeable. When you have an ability like this is the best thing to do before you start to reading people, do investigations, or if you are a Medium – talk with Spirits. You need to understand yourselve before you understand your abilities. The next thing I would advice is that to start to do some research and know the history and terms so when people are asking you questions you know how to answer them. After this meditate make sure you are on the right path. You will just know if you are or not. If you are start to work with your abilities. Yes, some might be frightened or scared but you are going to have to realize that we are different and that some things are going to be scary. After this I would work more with the ability part and maybe start practicing with reading people or going on invesigations. Different people give different advice but this is what i would give to someone who asked me. Also advice differs because people have different experience.
Me: Would you ever do another TV show?

Ryan: Yes, I would do another TV show. I think that it was a great experience and a good way to get yourself out there and help people.

Me: Would you ever want to work with the police again?
Ryan: Since the show I am curently working with three different missing person cases and continue to keep in touch with all of them. Yes, i would work with the police again I am trying to get some papers out to the local police and maybe work on some old missing person cases that are around my home.
I would like to thank everyone for reading my interview and for Terry for allowing me to pertisipate. If anyone is interested you can read more about myself at www.psychicryan.com

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