Interview with Scott from Ghostly Talk:
Me: How did Ghostly Talk come about?
Scott: Ghostly Talk was originally Doug’s idea. Doug and I met on an old Yahoo Paranormal chat board back in 2001. We all went back and forth for a while and we all decided we wanted to go out and try this thing called “Ghost Hunting”. I will never forget it, we all met in the parking lot of one of those Fast Food Joint/Gas Station things. Doug and I met and we just hit it off! So we all were going out ghost hunting a couple times a week and this went on like this for a while. After some of our excursions we would end up at this little bar across the street from the place we all originally met. It was a ball we would all hang out and do Karaoke and laugh our asses off. Well, one night Doug and I were in the parking lot smoking and just chatting and that is when he asked me what I thought about doing an hour long “radio” show on the internet to talk about our adventures. That is pretty much how the show started.
Me: What in the paranormal interests you the most such as evp ect?
Scott: Nowadays, the only thing I really care to read about is the Pyramids of Giza, and UFO stuff.
Me: For people who do not know how did Bonnie become the 3 host for the show?
Scott: Bonnie was always an ornament at the “Haunted Basement” studio (where we were producing the show at the time. After Will uh hum “quit” the show, Bonnie just kind of stepped in and it was very natural.
Me: Was it hard to stop Ghostly Talk?
Scott: Nope…..of course at the time our intentions were to go on a hiatus and come back to it when it felt right. We had a lot of “great ideas” on what we wanted to do, but when you free up time in one place the other things seem to creep into that hole. In my case, namely it was working and focusing on my professional career. Looking back, I really sacrificed and put my career on hold for my “artistic” endeavors for the last 16 years. The last couple of years have yielded me some amazing opportunities professionally and my passion just naturally directed itself there. So it finally came to a point where the few good people that listen(d) to Ghostly Talk just kept inquiring about what was going to happen. I personally decided it was time to make a decision. So on October 9, 2010 at 10:38 AM I posted “The Future Of Ghostly Talk From Scott L’s Side Of The Fence….” up on Feel free to go there and read it.
Me: Is there a chance it will come back maybe even for a special of some sort?
Scott: Like I said on the website…who knows what the future will hold? All that matters to me now is my friendship(s) with Doug and Bonnie and the selected few that I have met through the show over the years. Really, at this point it is just a time thing. We are all very busy with our work, family, and personal lives. When we do get together, all we wanna do is hang out and party! Which is fine by me! ;)
Me:Do you still keep in touch with other people from the paranormal?
Scott A few, here and there, but I thought it was awful funny how a lot of our “friends” just seemed to stop calling and keeping in touch as soon as the show went off the air.
Me: What are your thoughts on paranormal Tv shows in 2010 and so far in 2011?
Scott: I have no thoughts on it, because there was no thought put into it in the first place.
Me: Do you still ghost hunt in your free time?
Scott: I have no free time. Do the math. But if I did, frankly….it is hard to be inspired about doing anything in this field at this point. I will always have a place in my heart for forward thinking and otherworldly things and that’s how I get the most out of it. Figuring and thinking out a lot of the stuff and heard over the years at my desk while I am working is how I explore the paranormal these days. Not paying some half-wit $200.00 walk through his/her “haunted” building.
Me: If you do bring Ghostly Talk back what changes would you make?
Scott: Really…..I would take it old school and just do a show with us talking about subjects. In essence, a lot less, if not any guests anymore. To many “book campaigns” going on and not enough passion for the subjects these days I think.
Me: What would you tell someone who wants to start their own paranormal radio show?
Scott:Do it for the right reasons….
Stick this in your gray matter. In all the years we did Ghostly Talk, we never made a dime. We never tried to make the show something it was not, and we always did it from our hearts. That’s because it was a “hobby” for us. It was not a springboard for a career in radio for us, even though we joked about how hilarious that would be. Up until the very end, Ghostly Talk is and always will be the thing I had a part in creating that I will be most proud of and if it was not for Ghostly Talk, my life would be A LOT different.

2 thoughts on “SCOTT L

  1. I was wondering what happened to Ghostly Talk – as it was fun listening to you all. So glad you all shared this ‘hobby/interest’ with everyone. You could not have done it for a better reason IMO. As to ghosts – well they will still be there – and you may just find one sitting next to you – hope it is a friendly spirit. One idea is to open up a group in FB – called Ghostly Talk and have only pics of ghosts posted there – sell T-shirts and mugs, etc. Best wishes – Doug, Scott and Bonnie.

    • They come on my shows every so often in July I think Doug and Bonnie are doing an episode of Paranormal Eh? Radio while I am off. check out the shows

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