Stephen David Lancaster II

Interview with Stephen David Lancaster II


Me: How did you become interested in the paranormal?Stephen: It was like flipping a switch. When I was ten years old I witnessed a rather intense paranormal occurrence that I could not explain. Even today, considering the knowledge I have acquired through years of research, I find it difficult to find a rational solution for what happened to me. My first experience and the few that followed are written out in great detail in my first book, “Paranormal Investigator: True Accounts of the Paranormal.” This experience acts as the opening of my book and doubles as the reason for the birth of a paranormal investigator. After that experience, I went from a Christian Academy student with blinders on to an extremely open minded person on a quest to learn as much as possible about the things we currently cannot explain.
Me: When did you begin to investigate haunting?Stephen: I first went out into the field in 1997. I was nineteen years old at that time and it had been ten years since my first experience. At that point I felt I was old enough and had studied enough to begin tackling my own research. For a decade after that I strictly worked alone case after case. As I mentioned in the first question, this case is also in my first book.
Me: What is the more interesting evp you have captured?Stephen: Well, when it comes to electronic voice phenomena, I am probably one of the most critical and skeptical people you will ever talk to about it. But one does come to mind that still causes me to shake my head simply because I cannot explain it. We were investigating a local restaurant and had two surveillance cameras trained on an area in which the clients reported witnessing a shadow entity. I was walking up the stairs with one of my investigators in front of me. Both of us were armed with handheld camcorders, so once we entered that area with the surveillance cameras, four cameras were running. Three of those cameras were recording digital and the one I was documenting with was recording on film. As we walked into the center of the room, my investigator made note of a significant temperature drop which I confirmed. Moments after that, one by one in sequence both surveillance cameras powered off, followed by the camera in my investigators hand, finally ending with the one in mine. All four cameras had powered down without human intervention within two seconds. The really interesting part was the fact that the two surveillance cameras were plugged into wall outlets. In other words, they should not have lost power by any means. After that investigation, I was reviewing that particular section on all of the cameras. To my surprise, just a moment before all the cameras turned off, a voice clear as can be comes out of nowhere and says, “What are you doing?” Then the cameras shut down. Another interesting thing to point out is that the voice was only on the camera recording with film. The three digitals did not pick it up. Which was good in a way, because that instantly led me to believe that interference from a radio frequency or cell phone was not the cause of the voice.
Me:  have you seen something that has frightened you while


Stephen: After my first experience, I made sure that word would never enter my vocabulary. Never. I’ve been taken off guard and startled since, but I have never seen anything that has frightened me. I honestly don’t think I ever will. After fourteen years in this field I think I have become rather desensitized.

Me:  What is your favorite horror movie?

Stephen: Now that’s a tough one. Evil Dead ranks up there simply because it is a fun watch. But if it came down to it I would have to say that I prefer the horror films of three to four decades ago. I enjoy those films that rely more on building suspense and leaving more to the imagination than I do those who rely more on special effects. I’ve always believed that people tend to fear more of what they can’t see rather than what they can.

Me:  Do you think there will be any big break through in the paranormal in 2011?

Stephen: It depends on what level you view that question on. I believe that each investigation and the ongoing research always produce some sort of break through, no matter how small it may be. I tend to view the paranormal field as a giant puzzle. There is not just one large piece that is going to show the entire picture. I think it is all of those little pieces… …those little moments of triumph that will ultimately piece together the picture.

Me: What is your favorite paranormal radio show?

Stephen: That’s a tough one. There are so many and so many of them are great. I enjoy the Hey Kat Show mostly because her personality is great and she is one of the few radio hosts out there that actually let the interviewee carry the show. A lot of shows I tend to find the host talking more about themselves than the guest. I also enjoy the Gut and Bone Show a great deal too. He has an interesting and fun way of tackling the show and the conversations are always rich with content.

Me: What is your favorite paranormal TV show?

Stephen: I do not watch them. In fact, I do not even let cable come into my house. But I do have the entire series of “One Step Beyond” on DVD which was one of the very first paranormal shows ever to debut on national television back in the late 50’s. I enjoy that one.

Me:  Who is the most fun to work with in the paranormal?

Stephen: Wow, that’s a question I’ve never been asked before. I’ve worked
with a lot of people. But to be blunt and to the point, I enjoy working with my team. They are the best I know and the best of friends. They are in my head which really helps the productivity of any given case. I like that.

Me: What is your dream haunt to investigate?
Stephen: I really don’t have one particular place. I would enjoy travelling to Scotland or Ireland and spending a few years over there conducting work for sure. But to answer your question, my dream haunt doesn’t have a location yet. I don’t know where it is. But when I find it, I will know. My dream haunt will be that place that not only answers the questions that started me in this field, but also shows me that my wife and daughter, even after we die, will somehow be with me.

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