Tales From Fredericton

Tales from Fredericton

Hey Paranormal Enthusiasts and Paranormal Eh Radio Fans!

Duncan from Fredericton Paranormal and Wellness Society here. Terry has been bugging for a while for me to do up a new blog so here it goes! Thanks everyone who reads it or joins the group!.

The biggest news with the group is that I was recently at the 1st annual Intuitive and Wellness fair in Fredericton. It was at the new converence centre and layout and everything was really nice.

I was surprised a little of the great turn out!, but at the same time not since there was apprx 80 exhibitors of all likes ranging from Reiki, Massage, Meditation, Paranormal research and investigations, gyms, stones and crystals, etc etc.

I had a nice talk with the mayor of Fredericton Brad Woodside, he is a easy going and nice guy to talk to! He had his own experiences with an old house just outside of city limits here.

I also met and seen some people I knew and got to talk about the group which is always good!.

I think it is great how even a small conservative city like Fredericton is starting to open up and open there eyes to the real universe and realize that the government or religion doesn’t rule us.

Although there was other “competition” there, I believe it was a pretty good success! I would have liked to get some more members but I gave out quite a few flash cards and Business cards.

So whats in the future?

Some graveyard investigations probably; its always fun no matter about evidence or not!

Also looking into staying in a large and beautiful hotel in a neighborhood city! Very well known haunted location and if anything else will be nice to stay there! But I am sure there will be enough experience to go around.

If anyone reading isn’t a member of the group yet please hit up the group and join now


It would be a terrific goal to reach 100 members by Christmas!

Unlike other Paranormal Groups, there is a lot more topics at FPS then just Ghost and Ghoulies!

Another big topic going around is of course 2012 and Ascension

what is everyone’s thoughts on this?

I am not sure what is going to happen but I do know that with the Ascension there will be a huge energy shift. We are already seeing this happen with the increasing amount of people getting interested in these topics and also a lot of people getting into Wellness and looking after themselves better.

Also the sky seems to be more active and there are many nights where I see hundreds and hundreds of stars and even moving objects (obviously not just planes and helicopters! )

In closing I would just like to say thanks to Terry and all the fans!

Also Love one another.


Fredericton Paranormal and Wellness Society

Founder/Lead Investigator


Blog Entry #1 , June 21, 2011.

Hey Everyone,

For those who don’t know me; I am Duncan McCulloch of Fredericton Paranormal Society.

This is my first Blog type entry for Paranormal Eh?.

I have always been strongly interested in the Unknown/Unexplained. Growing up and to this day I have  had experiences that have increased that interest to its maximum. I am relatively new to the field of “Ghost Hunting” (apprx 2 years so far), but have already invested quite a bit a money and time into my group.  I have worked with a few different investigative groups in my area (New Brunswick, Can) and discovered a lot about myself, the field, and had amazing experiences.

Fredericton is a very historic town full of old houses, buildings, cemeteries, etc, and also is the Capital of New Brunswick.  I have explored quite a fair amount of the area’s and have been to a lot of the “haunted” sites.  Recently in my life I have become more spiritual and earthly and believe this to be a great addition to the group.  I would like to take this opportunity to invite members of Paranormal Eh? To my group “Fredericton Paranormal and Wellness Society” you can find it on Facebook Groups. Or clicking here:http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_158931770835740&ap=1 

also you can find us on https://sites.google.com/site/frederictonparanormal/ 

** Note Facebook group is always updated much more frequently **

My list of equipment is also listed on both sites.

Fredericton Paranormal is not just a investigative group; it is a Society for those open to anything not clearly defined in a science textbook or dictionary. Range of topics can be anything from Ghosts, Aliens, News, Music Video’s, Horror movies, Interviews, Evidence, Wellness topics, etc etc etc.

and as far as Investigations; I am not only very passionate about these things, but also have a strong belief in what I experience and what I record as evidence. Also very compassionate and caring for clients and investigations will always be free of charge!. The trouble with Paranormal Research these days is I find a lot of people are doing it for the wrong reasons or trying it for a kick. I started the group  because of my strong interest but also to get people together and to help Fredericton be more open about things. I also have connections with legitimate Psychic/Mediums and working on intuition.

If you want to hear a Class A EVP please check out the website or facebook group for a link. One thing I would also like to state is the controversial topic of Orbs. I am far from an expert but I am getting frustrated by the Ghost Hunter approach of its dust its dust its dust.

I have done research and watched videos on the different orbs and I suggest anyone who immediately says an orb is just dust to do their research! A lot of orbs on photo shots are often dust particles or moisture but it is not always a definite answer! And bugs don’t appear the same on video as orbs or dust either.  I have captured what I believe to be energy orbs on video camera in an environment where investigators have not walked or stirred up dust. (this is also a myth most of the time).  Also if you look at flight patterns you can pretty easily differentiate between a particle of dust and something else.

It is my belief that a lot of orbs can be defined as balls of energy; and I will not stray from that belief unless some extremely solid definite answer reveals itself.  I stand up for my beliefs and I believe that everyone should have their own beliefs and don’t take other peoples opinions as your own. 

I’d like to send a shout out to Terry for the invitation to do a Blog for the Paranormal Eh? Website, and I hope everyone gets a chance to join my group. Also I am available for anyone who ever needs help, that is what I am here for.

Duncan M, Fredericton Paranormal Society.


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