Tim Yancey

Interview with Tim Yancey


Website: http://www.timyancey.com/
Me: For people on my group who may not know your story can you give a little back story to how you got involved in the paranormal?Tim: Around 1968 or so my family and I began experiencing some pretty violent phenomenon in our home… a haunting if you will. It was something that really terrified us as a family – particularly my brother and I, who were pretty young at the time. A lot of bad stuff happened to us… really bad stuff. It moved with us from house to house, and lasted until my mother passed away in 2009. It was something that had a really profound impact on my life – I think it probably affected me the most… and in an attempt to find some sort of help or remedy from what was happening, I began to reach out to the paranormal community for help. I started reading everything I could get my hands on… which wasn’t a lot in the early 1970′s. But those few books I found out there – I would write to other violent haunting survivors who had stepped out publically. Some would write back… others didnt. And I guess that was when I really began studying and researching the paranormal… almost 35 years ago now. As a result of all of this… I’m the host of a paranormal program known as “Encounters”, which has been airing since around 1994. We’ve been seen and heard on everything from Clear Channel radio and WBZT, to Warner Home Video… over the years it’s been voted one of the top five best paranormal shows in America… other times we’ve barely gotten 20 people to watch it.Me: I have just started listening to ghostly talk and have heard small bits of information about the Amityville Horror and was just wondering if you could talk about what really went on in the house. (if you do not wish to since the passing of Mr Lutz I completely understand.)

Tim: Most people don’t know that George Lutz and I were dear friends for a number of years. In an attempt to understand what was happeneing to us during our haunting – I reached out to several other haunting survivors that I knew of… George was one of those people. He responded back, and over the years we became very close. I’m absolutely convinced beyond any doubt whatsoever that the Amityville haunting was not a hoax…. not one bit. I will also add to that statement that what people read in the book… and saw in the movies… was not an accurate description of what happened to them either. Jay Anson used a lot of creative license in writing the book, and the movies were REALLY bad in the terms of accuracy… but the Lutz’s always admitted that. George would be the first person to tell you that they weren’t accurate. George would often talk about the true incidents that occurred there, and there is a wealth of information available around the internet in the form of interviews and such – rather than go into pages and pages of rehashing all of that stuff… i’ll let your readers go
find it : )

Me: What has been the most frightening thing you have seen on a investigation?

Tim: For me… it’s not the ghosties or the ‘monsters’ that are terrifying anymore. The most frightening thing I have ever seen – looking into the tear-filled eyes of a five year old girl, as she explains to us that something is coming into her room at night. Terrifying… and heartbreaking.

Me: Who is you most interesting guest on Encounters ? And who is the oddest guest?

Tim: Oh my gosh – there is one particular person who I will never forget as long as I live – Patrick Bailey. I first met him in Hickory, North Carolina when I hosted a round table discussion about violent hauntings. I asked the audience “How many of you have experienced paranormal phenomenon in your lives?”, and a lot of hands went up. I then asked, “How many of you have feared for your life as a result”… and all the hands went down except for one or two. I asked those people to join me on stage. One of the audience members made his way up to the stage… and I hadn’t even noticed before… but he was wearing metal braces, and had great difficulty walking. as the discussion continued that night, I asked him if he would share his experience with the audience. He proceeded to tell one of the most frightening and heartbreaking stories I had ever heard… and we found out that night that he had actually tried to kill himself because of what was happening in his home. As a result of his attempted suicide – he was crippled for life, and that was the reason for the braces. He also agreed to join us on the radio program to share his story – which can be heard in our archives at

http://www.timyancey.com/media/eprs_patrick.mp3The oddest guest without a doubt would have to be Bobby Zoeller. Bobby was a guy who create a group known as the “Paranormal Police”, who’s goal was to ‘expose fraud within the paranormal community’. And he didn’t like me at all. Before the interview he had posted all kinds of stuff on the internet calling me an outright fraud… only interested in promoting myself and my career, and making money off our radio show and our appearances. I thought it would make for a pretty funny interview – so I invited him to be on the show. He stated there would be ‘no holds barred’, and that he would call me out during the interview. It made for a pretty hilarious show – the archive can be found at

http://www.timyancey.com/media/eprs_bobbyzoeller.mp3Me: Do you think Hollywood will every tell a real true story of a haunting case Amityville The Haunting in Connecticut ?

Tim: Well… I don’t think it’s their responsiblity to do so. Movies are made to be entertaining… and haunting cases don’t always translate well to screen. Movie producers are primarily interested in creating a product that will make the movie studios a significant return on their investment… something that is entertaining to it’s customers… the movie goers. It’s not their job to be documentarians. But to answer your question… I doubt if you will ever see ANY story that translates accurately to screen, whether it be paranormal or anything else.

Me: What are your thoughts on UFOs

Tim: I tell people I see ghosts… who am I to say that people who get abducted by aliens are crazy : )

Me: What are your thoughts on shadow people?

Tim: I’ve seen them… we saw them a lot in our homeback then… and my step-daughter and I have seen one a few times very recently in our home. I was also with Patrick Burns in an old vaudeville theater in Savannah, Georgia and we both saw one go ripping across the balcony. Absolutely real as far as I am concerned. Simply because of the fact that they were around our house so much during the time of some pretty violent stuff that occurred… I personally come from a place of negative or dark energy, but who is to say….

Me: Do you have any words of advice for future ghost hunters.

Tim: Learn to have patience and understanding… and be a good listener. First thing you do….. listen. And then… listen some more. Victims are going to want to tell you first and foremost almost EVERY little detail of their story. And then they are going to want to tell you again. Be patient and listen. Because they arent going to hear anything you have to say until they get their ‘stuff’ off their chest. It’s an important step, and should be the first step.

Me: What do you think of the recent reports of the black eye children?

Tim: I have never had any experience with it… so I would only be able to talk about whats I’ve read from others. It’s very interesting – I can say that I have heard from a few researchers in the comunity that people who are allegedly ‘possessed’ also have those completely black eyes as well.


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