Interview with Richard Valdes



Me: What got you into the Paranormal? 

Richard: When I was fifteen years old I experienced what I later on would find as being an OBE (Out of Body Experience). I was dreaming that I was in the room of my aunt, who has down syndrome, getting up from her bed. I noticed, right off, that I was smaller in stature and as I walked to the bedroom door everything went black and I felt a sensation of falling. Then, just as quickly, I awoke. There was one problem; I couldn’t move my body or even open my eyes. I was experiencing ‘sleep paralysis’. I couldn’t move for what felt like an eternity and my mother was pounding on my bedroom door trying to wake me up. I couldn’t respond. The last words I heard her say were ,“Richard I need to go, your Aunt has just suffered through ten epileptic seizures!” Once I regained control of my faculties, I threw on some clothes and ran six blocks to my Grandmother’s home. The rescue had just gotten there. I ran to her room only to find her where I left her in my dream, at the door way of her room. After this experience I was obsessed with finding the answers to what had happened to me. The local library became my second home as I immersed myself into books involving paranormal topic matters.Me: What do you find to be the most interesting part of investigating the paranormal?

Richard: Applying old theories that have existed for hundreds of years to new up and coming theories of today. The possible theory that spiritual entities interrupt the natural EMF spectrum, using voice recorders in conjunction with a Franks Box and getting Class A responses (so far our team’s success percentage is at 75 %).Me: What is the most frightening thing you have experienced while investigating the paranormal? 

Richard: I can’t say I have been scared ‘per say’ by the paranormal, instead shocked. One case that came to the attention of our team, PCA, was a demonic case that another team was not able to handle. We were called in two months after failed attempts by this team to help the family that was being harassed by these demonic entities. The owner was desperate to talk to me because she needed to share an EVP that she had captured months before the other team had even come in to help. As she prepared her recorder to play this EVP for me nothing would prepare me for what I was about to hear, the voice was deep and menacing as it issued this challenge, “Richard, come out and plaaaaaay”. The disturbing part to all of this was that this EVP had been captured long before the team that had been there before our team and from the sound of it, it very much sounded like the voice of the very first demon I took out seven years before.Me: Who are people you look up to or admire in the paranormal? 

Richard: Hans Holzer inspired me as a child and as an adult. He was one of the first Parapsychologist to use a medium in his investigations at haunted locations. The other is a man that at present day I’m proud and honored to work for and with and that man is John Zaffis. My team and I are associates and researchers for John’s team PRSNE representing Florida. I have learned much from John Zaffis and he is one of very few individuals that I respect within the field of paranormal research today.Me: What is a dream location you want to investigate? 

Richard: Ireland Castles, Waverly Hills and the Vilaska Ax Murder House.Me: What is your favorite horror movie?

Richard:  “The Entity”

Me: What is your favorite paranormal radio/Tv show? 
Richard: Radio I have a few: Coast to Coast with George Norey; Encounters Live with my close friend Tim Yancey, Paranormal Wavelengths with my good friend Bob Cenkner. TV shows I would have to say Millennium with actor Lance Henriksen for his portrayal of Frank Black! I relate very much to his personality and style of investigating on the show.Me: What equipment used for ghost hunting to you think is the most promising ?

Richard:  Voice recorder and Franks Box are in my opinion the most promising tool that will bring a lot of success to the field of research.Me: What do you think 2011 will bring in regards to the paranormal? 

Richard: I hope it brings more unity in the sense of teams willing to work with other teams by sharing evidence and findings in hopes of advancing the paranormal field. But, individuals and teams must learn to put their egos aside first. The best way to do this is to take the approach that my team has always had and that being to always put the client’s needs first. By giving the clients closure to what ails them will be the means with which we as a community can start to gain some respect in the eyes of the public and our colleagues.Me: Do you have any advice for future ghost hunters? 

Richard: As I addressed in question nine “Put your Ego in Check”. Before I joined my first team back in 2004 I had been investigating on my own for fifteen years but I knew that in order for me to learn more and learn about the new techniques within the field, I was going to have to submit myself to learning under someone else and also learn how to work with others if I were to have any success in furthering my paranormal carrier. Remember that this field is always in constant flux and always changing, so never claim to know everything because there’s always room to learn more. The moment you think you know it all, all the questions, answers and theories end up changing on you. So never stop studying, never stop networking with others that have been in this field way longer than you and above all else, always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. And last but not least in fact this should be first never leave a client with more questions than what they had before. If you don’t have all the answers then find someone the might have them so that you can best help your client,.Remember the client always comes first because without the client, you wouldn’t have a case to begin with.Rich

Lead Investigator/ Spokesperson
Paranormal Consulting Agency &
Researcher/ Associate for John Zaffis’s team PRSNE


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